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‘Jhok Sarkar’ (Review): Highly Watchable Due To Its Compelling Script, Pragmatic Direction & Intriguing Characters!

The first episode of HUM TV’s brand new offering ‘Jhok Sarkar’ is perfect for viewers yearning for an intense cop drama with good versus evil theme, heroism, raw action sequences, and damdaar dialogues, all done in a slick demeanor. Momina Duraid Productions makes sure that the basic structure of their product is rock solid. Hashim Nadeem famous for his notable outings like the ‘Khuda Aur Muhabbat’ franchise, ‘Ishq-Zahe-Naseeb’, ‘Raqse-Bismil’ and ‘Parizaad’ has been roped on for a credible script.

Director Saife Hassan who has several hits under his belt like ‘Badi Aapa’, ‘Ehd-e-Wafa’ and ‘Sang-e-Mah’ is picked up to lead the proceedings. Good production values are the hallmark of HUM TV, therefore the promos showcase, on-location shoots, great camerawork, beautiful cast, colorful apparel, and styling perfect to keep the viewers invested. The initial teasers had already became a talking point, so does ‘Jhok Sarkar’ succeed in giving viewers a thrilling experience? Let’s Analyze.

The Multi-Layered Narrative

‘Jhok Sarkar’ introduces us to a lot of characters very quickly. Sassi (Hiba Bukhari) a school teacher lends her support to Noori (Miami) who plans to run away with the person she loves. Cut to the next scene, Peeral (Asif Raza Mir) is a powerful and wealthy feudal lord who rules Jhok Sarkar village and dominates the life of the oppressed people. His son Meeral (Usman Javed) is savage and follows the footsteps of his father. Enter ASP Arsalan (Farhan Saeed) who has joined the police force after passing out his exams with distinction. He is pitch-perfect on both the personal and professional front.

It is to director Safie Hassan’s credit that he proficiently blends the subplots. He gives the viewer’s more doses of thrill and intrigue with the introduction of Peeral’s haveli. His wives, Sakina Samo and the younger Zulekha (Faiza Gilani) are at loggerheads. We could get a sense of a big rivalry and high-voltage domestic politics between them. There’s also a rich girl who seems to be interested to marry Arsalan. The first episode ends on a high note as Noori gets caught. The promo of episode 2 promises more thrill as Peeral is interested to marry Noori.

Did The Acting Measure Up?

One of the major winning factors of ‘Jhok Sarkar’ is the right casting. It looks as if we will get to witness some stellar performances. Full marks to the makers for bringing on board new pairings and trying new combinations of actors. And it works big time. Farhan Saeed as ASP Arsalan looks the part, his physique, looks and mannerisms are all on point. Thankfully he didn’t wear a fake mustache. Farhan makes us forget that he is primarily a singer by coming across as an accomplished actor.

Hiba Bukhari shifts gears and opts for a different domain. It’s a refreshing change to see her in a rural setup. She emotes well in her scenes. We wish she should have chosen a makeup-free look to look more relevant. Veteran Asif Raza Mir as the antagonist is a powerhouse character, he aces his part with all his experience. The drama has several supporting parts, so far the one character who makes the maximum impact is Noori.

Notable Mentions

Director Safie Hassan manages to create a hard-hitting premise in the backdrop of a spellbinding dessert. There is so much happening every minute. The production design is rich, realistic, and spooky at times, and it works. Ditto for writer, the dialogues undoubtedly are the pillar of the enterprise. Thankfully Hashim Nadeem doesn’t take the safe route. The lawlessness and abuse of power in such villages are portrayed fearlessly.

Expect More Fireworks

Summing it all up, ‘Jhok Sarkar’ is a big respite from the recent run of mediocrity airing on TV. With a thoroughly entertaining first episode, the serial promises more fireworks in upcoming episodes. This one should be on everyone’s watch list.

Written by Ozair Majeed


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