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College Gate (Review): A Flawed Yet Entertaining Show

The newly launched Green Entertainment offers diverse genres in abundance. Anyone tuning in will find something according to their choice. As viewers, we have seen ample of Hollywood and Bollywood movies showcasing the zest of college life. In Pakistan viewers still crave a full-fledged teen drama. Green Entertainment’s ‘College Gate’ explores the exciting phase of college life. Directed by Faheem Burney and written by Ateeq Inayat and Ali Sikandar, ‘College Gate’ features Zarrar Khan, Khaqan Shahnawaz, Hina Chaudhry, Mamia Shajaffar, Shuja Asad and many others.

College Gate: The Story So Far

‘College Gate’ is the story of a bunch of students, we are introduced to Wahaj Qureshi (Zarrar Khan) an aspiring singer aiming to make it big in the music world. Usman Jutt (Khaqan Shahnawaz) hails from a Punjabi family and wants to revamp his family business of dairy farming. Annie (Mamia Shajaffar) is an elite girl with a heart of gold. Sam (Hina Chaudhry) is a tomboy who along with her studies helps her father in his catering business. Bilal (Shuja Asad) is a bright student and a victim of drug addiction. Maria (Natalia Castillo Shahid) is a rich brainless brat. Zara (Mashal Khan) is a teacher who with her innovative teaching methods makes studies easier for students. Ayesha (Washma Fatima) is a strong-headed girl with great family values. Qamar Zaman (Usman Peerzada) and Catherine (Saba Hameed) are the college deans.

What Makes ‘College Gate’ Highly Watchable 

‘College Gate’ gives us a detailed insight about the issues teenagers go through and how parents cope with them. Be it the choice of career, communication gap with parents, single parenting, bullying, relationships, drugs, and puberty issues. The drama not just highlights the problems but provides solutions with responsible storytelling. For instance, in the scene where Annie’s mother gives her relationship advice on how one has to make compromises to be in a healthy relationship. The strict dean Qamar Zaman encouraging students to chart a path that would lead to financial success.

Zara’s new teaching methods allowing students to balance academic pressures. A boy and girl studying together can just be friends without any romantic angle. Also, the caring equation among students is commendable. Burney extracts the best from his actors. The casting is just perfect, the actors are young and fresh and look the part. The look and feel of RTS College is super refreshing.

Stand Out Performances In ‘College Gate’

The performances are the USP of the enterprise. Khaqan Shahnawaz is a breath of fresh air as the desi burger. His comic is spot on. Mamia Shajaffar is simply a treat to watch. She is effortless and emotes well. Hina Chaudhry puts up a sincere effort but her character lacks arc. Shuja Asad is brilliant as a student who needs help. Mashal Khan not just looks angelic but also proves to be one for the students. Washma Fatima as the hijabi girl puts in a sincere effort and is likable. Usman Peerzada and Saba Hameed enact their parts well.

The Loopholes in ‘College Gate’

‘College Gate’ has its share of flaws. Ten episodes down the characters are established, and the vibe is refreshing but that’s not enough for the long run. The plot loses focus due to the various sub-tracks. We don’t get to know about the protagonist and whom to root for. The drama has a very burger vibe. In which college do girls wear such uniforms? Why western why not eastern dressing? The college deans are mostly speaking in English without any subtitles. Why is Zara looking for Bilal every time, this may give a bias feeling and other students may feel left out. Teachers aren’t allowed to get so personal with students. The editing of ‘College Gate’ isn’t up to the mark, the scenes seem disjointed and fail to give the impact. The soundtrack and background score is lackluster. Resultantly the drama serial that opened with more than five million YouTube views now sees a marginal dip with one million views per episode.   

Summing It Up

‘College Gate’ is flawed yet entertaining. The drama serial works mainly due to fine performances and some well-directed scenes. We hope to see a major shift in the upcoming episodes for the proceedings to be more crisp and relevant.

Written by Ozair Majeed


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