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Trailer (Review): ‘Razia’ Depicts The Harsh Realities Of Life In A Light Yet Strong Manner!

The trailer of Mahira Khan’s much-anticipated miniseries ‘Razia’ has surfaced online. The captivating trailer showcases the hardships and struggles of a young girl who grows up in a patriarchal family and becomes a victim of child marriage, domestic violence, harassment and honor killing. In the quest to survive she goes through it all.

‘Razia’ highlights how men consider women as their property and forcefully control their lives. How violence is inflicted on them in the name of obedience and how men fear losing their dominance. Director Mohsin Ali seems to have done a got job. He immerses viewers in a raw and real setting, while keeping intact the core plot. The OST played in bits in the background is soulful and the part that says “Na Shehzada Ka Intezar Kar…Cinderalla” is super empowering for women.

The biggest superstar of the country Mahira Khan seems to be in terrific form. Her presence as the narrator makes you watch the trailer till the end. Her spunky look and characterization look on point. She gets to mouth thought-provoking lines and shines throughout. Mohib Mirza seems to be in good form as the brutal father.

Overall, the trailer of ‘Razia’ looks promising courtesy of its hard-hitting plot. Yes, we have seen the portrayal of such sensitive issues earlier but case in point the miniseries handles important messages lightly and at times strongly.

For the unversed, ‘Razia’ marks the return of Khan after a brief hiatus of two years. She was last seen in Farooq Rind’s Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay (2021). ‘Razia’ is written and directed by Mohsin Ali and will air on Express Entertainment soon.

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Written by Ozair Majeed


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