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Idiot (Drama Review): This Sugar-Coated Bitter Pill Is Mandatory For All!

Green Entertainment has certainly changed the dynamics of entertainment. The newly launched channel gives viewers a much-needed break from the conventional and run-of-the-mill narratives. Green Entertainment’s ‘Idiot’ is one such play that stands out due to its social critique. The alleged ‘Idoit’ Gulzar (Ahmed Ali Akbar) doesn’t dodge words and speaks about the harsh realities and truth of the society. And that too without being preachy. That’s the beauty of ‘Idiot’.

Unveiling The Premise of ‘Idiot’

The multi-layered narrative of ‘Idiot’ cruises between the past and present. The younger Gulzar aka Guddu isn’t a favourite at home. His father enacted by Shamyl Khan is fed up with his habit of humiliating people by speaking the truth. His elder brother too is envious of him due to his extraordinary intelligence. Despite of the major opposition, Guddu is the blue-eyed boy of his Daadi (Atiqa Odho) who can foresee his bright future.

The grown-up Gulzar lives alone, he hates socializing and spends time with his pet dog Acid. He is still misunderstood by his family and they consider him a black sheep who just doesn’t fit in. His habit of logical arguments offering both sides of the coin makes him switch jobs frequently. Moreover, his accidental meeting with Rameen (Mansha Pasha) lands him in trouble when she ditches her wedding to explore herself.

What Makes ‘Idiot’ Work

We rarely come across dramas that have the aura of staying with you once the episode is over. In our society where issues like bad parenting, dowry, animal rights, social media threats, workplace harassment, and personal growth aren’t given much heed; taking such topics and presenting them in a light and thought-provoking manner, Anjum Shahzad (director) highly impresses and ‘Idiot’ is certainly a shining star in his portfolio. The way he unfolds the various layers of human emotions, this sugar-coated bitter pill is mandatory for everyone. The dialogues and monologues by writer Kifayat Rodani are worth mentioning. He maintains an integrity for his characters that is rarely seen in dramas these days. It’s a healthy practice that ensures good quality and ‘Idiot’ offers it abundance.

Our Take On The Star Performers

Ahmed Ali Akbar as Gulzar is at his best. After the humongous success of ‘Parizaad’, he excels as the protagonist in ‘Idiot’. His innocence is adorable, not for a second he seize to lose our attention. He is apt for this challenging role and carries it all the way. Mansha Pasha is lovely and effective as Rameen. Her contribution to the premise is equally important and she matches up with Akbar in every scene. It’s great to see the actor coming this far. Her avatar looks fresh and is a delight to watch. ‘Idiot’ is further enriched by amazing supporting actors like Atiqa Odho and Shamyl Khan. They nail their respective parts well.

Summing It up             

So far, ‘Idiot’ is a joy to watch for all its serious, witty and comic elements all rolled into one. The drama serial educates and entertains the masses and classes alike. Give yourself a break from the saas-bahu façade and savour the magic of ‘Idiot’ every Friday, 8pm only on Green Entertainment

Written by Ozair Majeed


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