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Here’s Why ‘Mein’ Isn’t Captivating As It Intended To Be

Over the years, the entertainment industry of Pakistan has developed a knack for overhyping things. Thanks to the over-enthusiastic PR teams and production houses who leave no stone unturned to make viewers believe that they are simply the best. Some hit the bull’s eye while others fail to leave a mark.

The pre-hype and buzz from ARY Digital’s ‘Mein’ were huge. And so were the expectations. The drama serial had everything to excite viewers, popular actors like Ayeza Khan and Wahaj Ali headlining the show, penned by ‘Cheekh’ and ‘Pyar Ke Sadqay’ fame writer Zanjabeel Asim Shah, credible director Badar Mehmood at the helm, and top production house Big Bang entertainment bankrolling the project. Expectedly, one hopes ‘Mein’ to work big time. Despite of a dream team, ‘Mein’ has been a below-average fair so far. Let’s Analyze…

Up For Versatility Not Overacting

Ayeza Khan has a reputation for being versatile. She has charmed viewers with different avatars in dramas like ‘Chupke Chupke’, ‘Mere Pass Tum Ho’ and ‘Lapatta’. In ‘Mein’ she chooses a different character but executes it badly. Six episodes down, so far her character Mubashira gets the maximum screen time but lacks substance. While emoting anger, Khan loses control over her expression; resultantly her funny facial expressions make us laugh. Her voice modulation changes every minute, she sounds like a man. Why?

Adding more to the horror is her screaming; darling acting and screaming are two different things. One of the highlights of the play was the divorce sequence but was messed up by the director. Mubashira was breathing fire and could not handle the shock. However, in the entire sequence, she carries her tight-fitted dress, makeup, heels, jewelry and hair perfectly. Strange!

Is Wahaj Taking His Stardom Too Lightly?

Post the mammoth success of ‘Tere Bin’, Wahaj Ali is on cloud nine. And he shouldn’t be taking his success for granted. We have already watched him doing the same stuff in various projects like (Wikipedia for the long list). We are struggling to wrap our heads around why Ali agreed to do such a mediocre role. May be an insane amount of remuneration might be the reason or he must have signed the project before ‘Tere Bin’. God knows better. His scenes don’t add up in taking the narrative forward. Also, there’s no back story of his equation with Ayra (Azekah Daniel) that makes the proceedings plain ordinary.

Will ‘Mein’ Ever Get On Track?

All said and done, six episodes down ‘Mein’ has the potential to get on track. It has the prerequisites of scoring a hit status and captivating the viewer’s heart. All of the above will materialize if the makers balance out Ayeza’s over-the-top act and bring more intensity and more screen time to Wahaj’s role.

Written by Ozair Majeed


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