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Review: Plenty of Mystery & Effective Scares Make ‘Unko Chutti Na Mili’ A Riveting Ride

The horror genre offers viewers a visceral experience that taps into their deepest fears and anxieties. From silent eerie shadows to high-definition nightmares, the allure of the horror genre continues to evolve. Green Entertainment is on a spree of reshaping the dynamics of television. With a wide variety of diverse content in the offering, the newly launched channel taps into the realm of spine-chilling horror tales with ‘Siyaah’ series.

‘Siyaah’ series showcases a compilation of horror short stories wrapped around supernatural, suspense, mythology, psychological thrillers and more. The recent episode ‘Unko Chutti Na Mili’ featuring Hania Aamir combined some serious fright with an engagingly haunting story making for a riveting ride.

The Gist of ‘Unko Chutti Na Mili’

Nausheen Faryad (Hania Aamir) is an ambitious reporter who works for a local channel. She is constantly being pressured by her management to work on a story based on ghost schools. The purpose is to get ratings. Nausheen and cameraman Maaz (also her fiancée) and another staff member Bhatti embark on their journey to explore a ghost school. On their way, they find a mentally disabled person who turns out to be the watchman of the school.

Nausheen reaches the school and is shocked to watch and feel the horror vibe. From graves in the ground, closed classrooms, with one teacher Arbab and five students, leaves her clueless. According to her information, the government sanctions the salary of three staff teachers and just one teacher is present. Nausheen enters the room and pans the camera on the students. They don’t speak to her and react weirdly. Arbab constantly warns them to leave before sunset, but they refuse to do so. After a couple of light warnings, he shouts at the trio to get out of the place or else he will damage their car.

Nausheen is sure that the children are victims of trafficking. She secretly sends Maaz inside and he captures some stranger developments. Arbab chains up children and locks them in a room. Nausheen wants to help the innocent, after a short argument with Maaz, they all go inside and get into a huge problem. Will Nausheen, Maaz and Bhatti succeed in surviving? You’ll have to watch to find out.

Our Take On ‘Unko Chutti Na Mili’

‘Unko Chutti Na Mili’ has its share of scares at regular intervals and keeps us caught up at several junctures. There’s a bit of a lull initially but writer and director Zeeshan Ilyas executes a well-told tale with equal shock value. Apart from the atypical customs like the paranormal creep and unsettling moments, Ilyas excels in making the final sequences sinister without being ludicrous.

Talking of performances, Hania Aamir is a delight to watch. She seizes this opportunity with both hands and gets her character accurate. She has mastered of being the damsel in distress for a long time, but here, it is refreshing to see her in a parallel world. She sans vanity, her bold avatar as the reporter comes across as super impactful. We hope that ‘Unko Chutti Na Mili’ will mark the commencement of a diverse phase for the actor.

We Recommend ‘Unko Chutti Na Mili’

‘Unko Chutti Na Mili’ surely raises the horror quotient of the ‘Siyaah’ series. It makes up for a spooky watch due to plenty of mystery, effective scares and above all a class act by Hania Aamir. If you are an enthusiast of this genre, this one should be on your list of things to watch next.

Written by Ozair Majeed


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