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Review: Preachy Yet Entertaining, ‘Ishq Murshid’ Takes An Interesting Start!

Love stories never go out of fashion. Viewers are always on the go to savor a good love story. HUM TV’s new venture ‘Ishq Murshid’ starring Bilal Abbas Khan and Dur-e-Fishan Saleem in leading roles is a journey filled with love, passion, and unexpected twists. Mixing this brew to the fullest is director Farooq Rind who has a string of popular serials to his credit like (Ishq Zahe Naseeb, Pyar Ke Sadqay and Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay). Penned by Abdul Khaliq Khan, the first two episodes of ‘Ishq Murshid’ managed to impress. The engaging plot, interesting characters and the dark yet intriguing vibe instantly connect with the viewers.

An Interesting Start

The groundwork laid from the first episode establishes the premise well. We are introduced to Shibra (Dur-e-Fishan Saleem) a doting daughter of an honest government officer Salman (Noor ul Hassan). The latter is being treated at the hospital as he couldn’t bear the false allegation of committing fraud at his workplace. Later on, Shibra accompanies Salman to his office and speaks to the committee about the case on his behalf.

There’s a parallel track where Shibra’s sister Sukaina has been nikahfied for three years to her phuppo Nargis’ (Rabia Naureen) son Zohaib. Their rukhsati is halted as Zohaib doesn’t have a job. Adding more to the horror is that Nargis and Zohaib are desperate that Salman should pull the strings and use his contacts to get him a job.

Enter Shahmeer (Bilal Abbas Khan) a rich and dashing guy who returns to Pakistan from the UK to attend a friend’s wedding. He visits his mother’s grave and envisions her presence beside him. He isn’t on talking terms with his father played by (Omair Rana) as he married the nurse who was kept to take care of his now-deceased mother.

Shahmeer randomly crosses paths with Shibra around the street and experiences love at first sight. He sees her again at Faraz’s wedding and now Shahmeer is desperate to know everything about her. Interestingly, Shibra is the close friend of Faraz’s wife Maleeha (Srha Asghar).

The Dependable Farooq Rind

Director Farooq Rind has a reputation for transporting viewers into a world of his own. And ‘Ishq Murshid’ is no different. Apart from the preachy factor, the proceedings are interesting and a lot is happening. He serves a mix of light, dark and romantic moments ensuring that viewers get deeply invested in the story and what happens next. A few sequences stand out, like Shahmeer’s first encounter with Shibra, the bus sequence, the wedding scene where Shibra argues for change, etc. The camera work is exemplary. The settings are aesthetic and depict romance to the fullest.

The Writing Falters

The script by writer Abdul Khaliq Khan falters in places and lacks depth. Why does Shibra’s character enters the preachy territory to an extent of getting annoyed? Whatever may be the situation, she starts to give a lecture. For instance, the sequence where she talks to the government officials about the false allegations didn’t make any sense. Like seriously, an emotional lecture about personal struggles is the actual solution? The officials have nothing to do if Salman doesn’t have tea in the office or doesn’t use the official car. Why didn’t she speak about the facts to resolve the case? Her lecture on Faraz’s wedding was too OTT. Also, why is Khaliq normalizing the idea of stalking even in today’s age and time? The sequence where Maleeha openly makes Shahmeer listen to their conversation via phone breaks friendship rules and trust factor.

The Magical Performances

Bilal Abbas Khan is on a spree of proving his versatility. The young actor rocks the show like never before. He makes you forget his earlier performances and drives you into a different territory with Shahmeer. He makes the girls go weak in the knees with his beefed-up look and stunning wardrobe. Khan yet again shows that he’s in a league of his own. Dur-e-Fishan Saleem is getting better with every project. She’s getting meaty parts and puts her best foot forward to showcase her craft. Noor-ul-Hassan is ideal as the supporting father. Omair Rana leaves a huge mark. Rabia Noreen is effective. Srha Asghar is adorable.

Verdict So Far

On the whole, ‘Ishq Murshid’ rests on first-rate performances by Bilal Abbas Khan and Dur-e-Fishan Saleem, Farooq Rind’s magical direction and a plot that relates with the masses. The drama is off to a decent start and we hope to witness lots of fireworks in the upcoming episodes.














Written by Ozair Majeed


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