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‘Gumn’: An Unpredictable Thriller That Keeps Us Guessing What’s Coming Next? 

The rules of entertainment are changing rapidly, especially after the arrival of Green Entertainment. In an industry that mostly takes the conventional route and plays safe with the saas-bahu sagas, the new addition to the business is exploring and experimenting with a wide variety of genres. And of course giving its competitors a run for their money. Green’s latest endeavor ‘Gumn’ transports us to a world that is cloaked under the dark shadows of mystery. Directed by Sarmad Khoosat, and written by Tooba Siddiqui and Hamza Qazi, does ‘Gumn’ live up to its expectations? Let’s analyze.

‘Gumn’: The Thrilling Premise

This is a spoiler-free review so we would just be stating the basic outline of the plot. Maya Malik (Tooba Siddique) is a renowned lawyer having a string of successful cases under her profile. Her motto in life is to bring change in society, helping the innocent get justice especially the suppressed women of the society. One day she accidentally hits a young guy Rayyan (Feroz Kadir) with her car. She rushes to the hospital for treatment, at first Rayyan goes into coma, later in he suffers memory loss due to his brain damage. As the story progresses, we get to know that Rayaan is a medical student living with his father Sohail Baig (Muhammad Ahmed) and sister Haniya (Srha Asghar). Along with his studies he wants to help his father financially by doing a part-time job. And that’s when the trouble starts. What happens next forms the rest of the story.

Double Dose of Tooba Siddique

We will talk about her act later in the article. The watertight script by (Tooba Siddiqui) keeps viewers hooked right from the word go. It’s crisp, engaging, thrilling, and intriguing and we can go on and on adding more adjectives to define the novel storyline. The narrative moves back and forth in time and there isn’t any confusion not even once. The plot offers enough twists and turns to keep the viewer’s guessing of what will happen next? Once a particular situation is solved, another arises having a lead to the previous one. The dialogues are simple yet super effective. What’s even great is the perfect placement of humor with Agha Mustafa Hassan and Sohail Sameer’s character in this otherwise hard-hitting drama.

The Sincere Sarmad

Sarmad Khoosat (director) must be applauded for keeping the proceedings raw, real and gripping. He establishes the plot and mystery well and gives attention to little details, giving ‘Gumn’ its own distinguished identity. He doesn’t take the typical thriller route and some of the scenes are shot very well like, the accident sequence, Maya’s suicide attempt, inspector Sikandar’s interrogation with Maya etc. Five episodes down there is hardly any forced scene or dull moment. Every scene contributes to taking the narrative forward.

Sky Rocketing Acts

In the true sense of the word, ‘Gumn’ rides on the shoulders of Tooba Siddique and Feroz Kadri in order. So far Tooba puts up a flawless act. Her body language, her confidence and her vulnerability, all accumulate magnificently. Feroz essays his part with confidence and conviction. Despite the presence of stalwart Tooba Siddique, he makes his presence felt and brings a certain compassion and smartness to his character. Sohail Sameer as the annoying police officer is a pleasure to watch. Agha Mustafa Hassan leaves a stunning impact. The rest of the cast (some of them totally magnificent) help the narrative move forward.

Verdict So Far

‘Gumn’ comes across as a convincing dark thriller that so far satisfies our cravings for a perfect murder mystery. The commanding plot with authoritative characters and several engaging moments makes it a persuasive watch.

Written by Ozair Majeed


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