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‘Kabli Pulao’(Finale): Kashif Nisar At His Best

In our initial review, we predicted that it has the potential to satisfy our dramatic cravings. ‘Pait Tau Bhar Gaya Lekin Niyat Nahi’. This is how we feel as Kashif Nisar’s directorial ‘Kabli Pulao’ ends its runtime.

Path Breaking Triumph

‘Kabli Pulao’ is a timeless classic that will remain pertinent for generations to come. It’s a flawless masterpiece that should be kept as a benchmark in acting schools. It is at par with the timeless PTV classics. It sets a standard that a solid script, great direction and a bunch of sincere actors can create magic. Resultantly, TRPs, ratings and viewership will follow suit. It would be apt to say that ‘Kabli Pulao’ registers itself as one of the best dramas of recent decades.

Career-Defining Characters

‘Kabli Pulao’ is a life-changing project for the cast as they all will be seen in a different light altogether. After watching the initial teasers viewers were apprehensive about this unconventional love story of Haji Mushtaq (Mohammed Ehteshamuddin) and Barbeena (Sabeena Farooq). But their chemistry, physics and geography all made us fall deeply and madly in love with them. Age is just a number, Ehteshamuuddin (57) gives the young actors a run for their money. For the unversed, this is Sabeena’s first solo project and just look at the volcano of talent this girl possesses. In fact, every supporting character was spot on.

No One Like Kashif Nisar

One of the biggest achievements of Nisar is that he was never in a rush to narrate the story. Some of the gut-wrenching sequences that gave viewers goosebumps were showcased with such ease as if nothing happened. To name a few, the scene where Barbeena crosses paths with Baran, or when Haji Mushtaq comes to about Baran, the climax scene is shot in such a simple way that it registers maximum impact. According to statements of actors on social media, Kashif Nisar isn’t a tough taskmaster on set and yet he creates magic. We hope that every actor of this generation gets to work with him to hone his or her talent.

No More ‘Kabli Pulao’

‘Kabli Pulao‘ is a rare gem that seduced viewers with every aspect, be it the proficient storytelling, spell-binding directions and superlative performances. We are still in a state of disbelief that no more ‘Kabli Pulao‘ will be served again.

Written by Ozair Majeed


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