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‘Rah-e-Junoon’ (Review): Strictly For Danish Taimoor Fans

Actor Danish Taimoor refuses to step out of his comfort zone. Apart from ‘Chand Tara’, in all his major outings ‘Deewangi’ for GEO ‘Ishq Hai’ and ‘Kaisi, Teri Khudgarzi’ for ARY Digital, Taimoor seems to enjoy playing the obsessed toxic lover willing to go any length to get his counterpart. Better late than ever, HUM Network joins the bandwagon and signs Danish in his signature style avatar in ‘Rah-e-Junoon’. The drama series is based on the same lines and offers nothing new. Thankfully the victim, oops we meant the leading ladies aren’t repeated, this time is Komal Meer. The play is directed by Syed Ahmed Kamran and written by Rehana Aftab. So let’s review the initial episodes of ‘Rah-e-Junoon’.

Introducing The Premise Of ‘Rah-e-Junoon’

Shabrez (Danish Taimoor) is on the verge of committing suicide and Mehar (Komal Meer) miraculously saves him at the eleventh hour. Mehar makes him realize the importance of life and he instantly falls in love with her. All of this happens at a hill station where Mehar misses her tour bus. Whereas, Shabrez was seeking treatment in a rehab to get rid of drugs. On returning to Karachi, Shabrez decides to complete his education and gets enrolled in Mehar’s university. They talk for hours to end on the phone. He is so obsessed with her that he beats a boy nearly to death who tries to harass Mehar.

The narrative unfolds and we get to know more about the protagonist’s background. Shabrez isn’t happier in life as his rich parents Azhar (Ali Tahir) and Mahjabeen (Saba Faisal) have always neglected him since he was a child. Mehar hails from a middle class setup, she is the blue-eyed daughter of Zawar (Mehmood Aslam). Her younger sister Zara (Hurriya Mansoor) is jealous of Mehar as she grabs all the limelight.

Waste Of Talent

Watching ‘Rah-e-Junoon’ is like enjoying our favorite delicacy. But the question is how many times will we get the same thing served again and again? We aren’t doubting Danish Taimoor’s dedication to his craft. He is as convincing as Shabrez, his physical transformation, and the way he emotes effortlessly all is praiseworthy. But it’s high time for him to seriously think of re-discovering himself and stop wasting his talent like washing detergent.

Chemistry Lacks Fizz

Adding more to the horror is the lack of chemistry between Danish and Komal. And that’s mainly because their love story is half-baked. The writer seems to be inspired by Bollywood films of the 90’s where two strangers meet and fall in love immediately. They get love-struck in just twenty-five minutes of the first episode. Also, Komal Meer’s appearance looks mechanical and her expressions are way too wooden. Although, the supporting cast performs their parts well.

Will ‘Rah-e-Junoon’ Manage to Sustain?

In times when actors are experimenting and willing to take risks with unique characters, channels, and production houses are elevating their content, ‘Rah-e-Junnon’ comes across as a halfhearted attempt. This one is strictly for Danish Taimoor fans.

Written by Ozair Majeed


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