Eshal Fayyaz Talks About Her Upcoming Film ‘Her Pher’ and More

Abu Aleeha’s ‘Taxali Gate’ just released last weekend and received an overall warm reception from critics. His next two films are comedies: ‘Her Pher’ and ‘Mango Jatt’. ‘Her Pher’ stars Eshal Fayyaz and Umer Aalam in lead roles. Eshal is coming back to silver screens five years after her debut film ‘Kaaf Kangana’. We got ahold of Eshal Fayyaz to get some insight of her upcoming project and her journey so far.

Pakistani Cinema: Can you share some insights into your journey as an actress and the challenges you’ve overcome to reach this point?

Eshal Fayyaz: My journey as an actress has been challenging yet rewarding. Overcoming obstacles has fuelled my passion, and each hurdle has been a stepping stone to where I am today.

Pakistani Cinema: What inspired you to pursue a career in acting, and how did you get your start in the entertainment industry?

Eshal Fayyaz: Acting’s allure and the desire to tell compelling stories inspired me. I entered the entertainment industry with dedication, auditions, and a determination to make my mark.


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Pakistani Cinema: Can you tell us about your upcoming movie and the character you’ll be portraying?

Eshal Fayyaz: My upcoming movie is ‘Her Pher’ is an Urdu/Punjabi action comedy. I am portraying a character that adds humour and charm to the dynamic storyline.

Pakistani Cinema: How do you prepare for a new role, and what aspects of the character resonate with you personally?

Eshal Fayyaz: I prepare for a new role by immersing myself in the character’s world. Personal resonance with aspects of the character helps me bring authenticity to my portrayal.

Pakistani Cinema: In your opinion, what sets this upcoming movie apart from others, and what can audiences expect from it?

Eshal Fayyaz: ‘Her Pher’ stands out with its genre-defying mix of action and comedy. Audiences can expect laughter, excitement, and a unique cinematic experience.

Pakistani Cinema: As a rising talent, how do you navigate the competitive nature of the film industry, and what advice would you give to aspiring actors?

Eshal Fayyaz: Navigating industry competition involves staying focused on growth. My advice to aspiring actors: hone your craft, be persistent, and stay true to your passion.

Pakistani Cinema: Are there any specific actors or directors who have influenced your acting style or career choices or someone you look upto?

Eshal Fayyaz: Several actors and directors have influenced me, but I particularly admire the work of Saba Qamar and Ayezajourney while shaping my acting style and career choices.

Pakistani Cinema: Can you share a memorable or challenging experience from the set of your upcoming movie ‘Her Pher’?

Eshal Fayyaz: On the set of ‘Her Pher’, every day brought new challenges, but the camaraderie and dedication of the team turned each obstacle into a memorable experience. It was a fun experience.

Pakistani Cinema: How do you balance staying true to your artistic vision while also meeting the expectations of the audience and industry?

Eshal Fayyaz: Balancing artistic vision and audience expectations involves selecting projects that align with my values while offering engaging stories that resonate with viewers.

Pakistani Cinema: Looking ahead, what are your aspirations and goals for your acting career, and are there specific type of roles you would love to explore in the future?

Eshal Fayyaz: My aspirations include diverse roles that challenge me as an actor. Exploring different genres and collaborating with talented filmmakers are key goals for my future in acting.

Shoot of ‘Her Pher’ is almost complete and the last shooting spell will commence soon. The film will release in cinemas in later half of the year. We wish Eshal and the whole team of ‘Her Pher’ all the best for the success of their project. Stay tuned for more.

Written by Ghulam Qadir

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