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‘Very Filmi’ (Review): Watch It At Your Own Risk!

Ramadan 2024 has arrived with its full glory and blessings and so are the Ramadan special shows. Like every year we have a variety of shows to binge watch and one show that caught our attention due to its different storyline is HUM TV’s ‘Very Filmi’. Helmed by ‘Fairy Tale’ and ‘Paristan’ fame Ali Hassan, the Ramadan special show is written by Mohammad Ahmed and features Dananeer Mobeen and Ameer Gilani in leading roles. It is further supported by Bushra Ansari, Deepak Perwani, Salma Hassan, Ali Safina and Mira Sethi. So, what’s ‘Very Filmi’ all about? Let’s find out.

The Plot

‘Very Filmi’ begins in a filmi manner, we are introduced to Rohaan (Ameer Gilani) running in the beautiful streets of Baku looking for his brother Freddy (Umar Khan). On meeting him, Rohaan tells him that his father has fixed his marriage with a girl Dania (Dananeer Mobeen) who lives in Pakistan. Dania and Rohaan’s parents played by Deepak Perwani and Adnan Jaffar are good friends and want their children to lead a happy life together. Dania’s grandmother essayed by Bushra Ansari has been a former actress but no one knows about her past as such. She suggests Dania at least meet the boy once.

Things further get worse when Dania comes to know that Rohaan’s full name is SRK i.e. Syed Rohaan Kareem. She not being a fan of SRK aka Bollywood’s Shahrukh Khan is now reluctant to meet him. As the story progresses, Rohaan arrives in Pakistan and stays at his place that is looked after by his uncle played by Ali Safina. Rohaan and Freddy come across Dania’s SRK phobia and utilize it to the fullest to get rid of this marriage.

Rohaan makes a grand entry at Dania’s place in SRK style. The entire family is surprised to see his unusual and weird behavior. Dania’s close pal Danish (Nabeel Zuberi) makes her realize that her father wouldn’t just pick any random person as a life partner. There is more than what meets the eye.

What’s Good?

‘Very Filmi’ takes a decent start. The obsession with Shaadi continues but thankfully there’s no cousin marriage angle. The writer develops interesting characters with unique traits like Danish’s robotic behavior or Ali Safina’s stingy way of spending money. The director takes his time in establishing his characters and their backstories. Talking of performances, Bushra Ansari’s nazakat is a treat to watch, she is subtle and emotes gracefully. Danaeer as the girl next door so far is okay. Ali Safina is highly effective, he’s a dark horse who adds so much value to every character and makes it memorable. Umar Khan surprises big time. He acts like a pro, his expression and clarity of the dialogues are spot on. It’s good to see Deepak Perwani back on TV and he does a good job. Mira Sethi is yet to make an appearance.

The Drawback

Unfortunately, the interesting SRK twist turns out to be the biggest drawback due to Ameer Gilani’s weak mimicking skills. All of this should have been handled with great authenticity as a major section of the narrative rests on it. Maybe any other actor with more experience would have done justice to the role. The entire sequence when he meets Dania and her family tests viewers’ patience big time. Not just that, Gilani struggles to emote and hams in other sequences as well. Landing up a leading role in a Ramadan special prime-time show is no mean feat. This is a big opportunity for a rising actor and we hope Gilani makes full use of it in the upcoming episodes.

Verdict So Far

‘Very Filmi’ rests on a fine plot and some good performances. Three episodes down, we get to see some interesting developments along with the lukewarm act by the protagonist Ameer Gilani. We hope he gets better in the upcoming episodes.










Written by Ozair Majeed


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