‘Okht o Reda’: Iranian Film on Hazrat Masoumeh To Release in Pakistani Cinemas

Iranian film “Okht-o-Reda” (Sister or Reda) based on the life of Hazrat Masoumeh, sister of 8th Shia Imam Hazrat Ali ibn-e-Musa, al-Reza, will be releasing in Pakistani cinemas.

The film is based on the journey of Hazrat Masoumeh that she embarked from Medina towards Khorasan (present day Iran) to meet her brother Imam Reza who was made to reside in Khorasan as per the orders of Abbasid Caliph Mamun.

Since the depiction of Islamic saints on screen is prohibited, the film tells the story through the eyes of three other characters: Hazrat Masoumeh’s maid, her brother and a person who carries out orders of Caliph Mamun to transfer Imam Reza to Khorasan.

The film was also screened in Ali ibn Abi Talib School in Quetta last year during an event. Now the film will get a commercial release in Pakistani cinemas in May by Cinepax cinemas.

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