‘Jaan Nisar’ (Review): Highly Regressive

Danish Taimoor is on a spree of doing the same characters again and again. And god knows why? His latest outing ‘Jaan Nisar’ comes across as a cheap replica of his previous project ‘Deewangi’ which also featured Hiba Bukhari. Written by Rehana Aftab and directed by Mohsin Mirza, ‘Jaan Nisar’ is produced by Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi of 7th Sky Entertainment. The cast also includes Sajid Hassan, Hina Bayat, Mehmood Aslam, Dania Anwer and Kinza Malik in supporting roles.

Been There Done That Premise

Nosherwan Ghaznavi (Danish Taimoor) is a super-rich guy who utilizes his power to the fullest and acquires what he likes. His past has some bitter moments like he lost his brother while gun shooting. Resultantly he was forced to marry his widow. One day he watches Dua (Hiba Bukhari) dancing at a wedding and develops feelings for her.

Dua comes from a lower-middle-class family. Her father Aslam (Sajid Hassan) is a chauvinist. He keeps on humiliating his wife for not giving him a son. He feels that daughters are good for nothing. His presence in the house is problematic for all. On the contrary, he primarily eyes women. There’s another track where Faraz (Haroon Shahid) is someone good for nothing. He isn’t ready to support his father at his shop. He spends time with his idler friend. One day he meets Dua and starts flirting with her.

Complete Cringe Fest

We want to know, who approved this script at first? How many times viewers will be forced to see the same old narrative again? There’s nothing new, same old faces, old story, old locations along with cringe scenes and dialogues. ‘Jaan Nisar’ is a big letdown in all the departments. It starts on a bizarre note. The story by Aftab is old, illogical and all over the place. There’s no head or tail to the plot.

Mirza’s weak directions fail to improve the weak plot. There are glaring loopholes in the enterprise and his execution does nothing to hide them. Faraz, for instance, is a big loser and touches Dua’s hand in his first meeting. How on earth does he looks like a student who has graduated from college? Aslam shouting his lungs out on his daughters becomes difficult to tolerate. In today’s hi-tech era, it is strange to see Dua using an old radio to listen to music and dance. The silly sequences end up putting off viewers.

Mechanical Performances

Danish Taimoor is simply wasting his time and talent like washing powder. Kudos to the makers for offering him the same character and kudos to him for agreeing to do it every time. Hiba Bukhari is just okay, she falters again with her look and wardrobe. Haroon Shahid is miscast, he should do what he’s good at i.e. singing. It’s good to see Sajid Hassan back on TV. He is the only one who puts on a decent show. Mehmood Aslam and Hina Bayat hardly get any scope so far.

Strictly For Danish Taimoor Fans

‘Jaan Nisar’ is an old wine in an old bottle with old packaging. It’s a regressive fare that lacks fizz. Watch it on your own risk.

Written by Ozair Majeed


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