‘Gentleman’ (Review): An Entertainer With A Refreshing Twist!

The first episode of Green TV’s ‘Gentleman’ gives a cinematic vibe, there’s a thrilling oath taking sequence, a heartbreak sequence, a daring heroine and a fast-paced script that holds viewers’ attention.

‘Gentleman’ is directed by Haissam Hussain, who has cemented his position in the industry with projects like ‘Noorpur Ki Rani’, ‘Daastan’ and ‘Durr-e-Shehwar’. The script is written by Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar whose repertoire includes popular projects like ‘Landa Bazar’, ‘Pyaray Afzal’, ‘Mere Pass Tum Ho’ to name a few. The drama is produced by Samina Humayun Saeed & Sana Shahnawaz and airs every Sunday at the prime time slot only on Green Entertainment.

The Story So Far

The plot is set in the narrow streets of Korangi, where Iqbal Munna (Humayun Saeed) a seasoned member of the underworld gets promoted and is allotted more areas in the sector. The oath ceremony is conducted by the leader Rehmati bhai (Adnan Siddique) who warns him not to fall in love ever. This becomes the point of conflict between the two as both fall for the same girl Zarnab (Yumna Zadia). The latter plays a daring talk show host who hates the underworld. Zarnab is engaged to Faris (Zahid Ahmed) recently promoted to assistant commissioner. He has been tasked with ridding Korangi of the ‘Bhai log.’ As the story progresses, Munna decides to change his profession to earn respect and love from Zarnab.

The Highlights

The genre of ‘Gentleman’ is an advantage by default as viewers haven’t witnessed a drama based on the gangster theme in recent times. It sans clichés and conventional storytelling. The subject is serious by nature, but the on goings are soaked in humor. So far, four episodes take the play to a dramatic high.

To mention a few…

The showdown between Munna and Zarnab

The conversations between Dilbar and Munna

The sequence that reveals Zarnab being the love interest of both Rehmati and Munna

The various occasions when Zarnab’s gets suspicious of Faris

Without a doubt, the writing is the soul of ‘Gentleman’. Qamar enriches the premise with intricate characters and a cleverly organized plot that maintains the story’s momentum from the beginning. Much of the praise also belongs to Hussain, who successfully builds up each episode, eliciting strong performances from his talented cast. He puts up a great show with a surprising level of finesse. The raw authenticity allows viewers to understand the dynamics of the underworld.

Commendable Performances

The performances are high in order. After an absence from the small screen for a couple of years, Humayun Saeed plays Iqbal Munna straight from the heart. This isn’t an easy role and requires someone of Saeed’s caliber to pull it off convincingly. He gets the maximum screen time and delivers an act that has both depth and nuance. Four episodes later, the way his act has shaped up, this may well turn out to be another memorable role of his career.

Yumna Zaidi nails the part, she is outstanding. She rock in sequences where she has to prove her point, on the contrary, she communicates through her eyes when required. It would be interesting to watch her interviewing the gangsters in the upcoming episode.

Ahmed Ali Butt is in terrific form. His comic timing is impeccable and shines in serious scenes too. Adnan Siddique is first-rate. With all his experience, he puts his best foot forward and leaves a huge mark.

The Vision of Green Entertainment

Green Entertainment, the channel that gave us ‘Gentleman,’ is managed by Al Kamal Media under the visionary leadership of CEO Fasih ur Rehman. The channel has quickly earned a reputation for delivering innovative and diverse content to Pakistani television. With a steadfast commitment to quality storytelling and production, Green Entertainment consistently pushes the boundaries of traditional TV, offering viewers fresh and engaging narratives.

Looking Forward

‘Gentleman’ is an entertainer with a refreshing twist. The drama sets the ground well for an interesting watch. Watch it for its brilliant performances and strong storytelling. Green Entertainment has viewers eagerly anticipating what else they have in store, promising to transform Pakistani television with their innovative approach and compelling content.

Written by Ozair Majeed


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