‘Qismat Ki Maari’: A Bold Challenge to Rural Punjab’s Dark Traditions

‘Qismat Ki Maari’, airing on MUN TV, is a gripping drama that fearlessly exposes the harsh and controversial traditions of rural Punjab. Set in a village where the Jirga’s authority overrides formal law, the story centres on Khuda Bakhsh, who takes the fall for a murder to protect his daughter. The Jirga’s cruel verdict demands blood money in the form of his daughter’s marriage to the deceased’s family.

Ana, his courageous daughter, marries into a life of torment under Hajra, a vengeful widow, and her criminal brother, Khushia. As years pass, tragedy strikes again when Ana’s young husband, Guddu, is murdered, plunging the village into chaos.

In a dramatic showdown, Ana defies the Jirga, forgives the blood money, and vows no other girl will suffer her fate. Her audacious act challenges oppressive customs, shaking the very foundations of the village’s patriarchal society.

“Qismat Ki Maari” stands out for its unflinching portrayal of the hidden, regressive aspects of Punjabi culture. MUN TV’s controversial choice to highlight these backward traditions forces a necessary conversation about the urgent need for change and women’s empowerment in Pakistan’s rural heartlands.

Tune in to MUN TV on 12th June 2024 at 9 PM to witness Ana’s revolutionary stand and the uproar it incites, pushing the boundaries of what’s acceptable in traditional Pakistani society.

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