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REVIEW: ‘Enaaya’ is Well Packaged Bubble-Gum Entertainment


The concept of web-series has taken the world by storm, and is beleived to be the future,  “Enaaya” is the first proper web series from Pakistan. Directed, written and co-produced by Wajahat Rauf, the web-series first came to our notice for its interesting cast, starring big names like Mehwish Hayat and Azfar Rahman. Here’s our review on it.

The series revolves around Enaaya’s world – her family,dreams, friends and ups and downs. The first few episodes of the series introduce the main characters, Enaaya’s mother, and her college mates played by  Azfar Rahman (as Jimmy), Asad Siddiqui (as Rasik), Feryal Mahmood (as Feryal) and Rabab Hashim (as Mariam). Coming from a broken home, Enaaya is raised by her single mother, her father (played by Saife Hassan) having abandoned the family when Enaya was a child. She has a passion for singing, and joins Jimmy’s band in college, facing disapproval of her mother. As you would have guessed, Jimmy and Enaaya fall in love, and Feryal develops an obsession for Jimmy. Also thrown in the plot is a music competition, college graduation and band troubles.

The plot is however not the USP of the project. It is the packaging and overall slick production that immediately catches the viewer’s attention. It has to be mentioned that Karachi has never looked so glamorous, and the characters look hip and cool, completely in college mode. A lot of credit for its overall look goes to styling by Nabila, that is spot on. Another special mention is music. The background score by AD studio is on point throughout, while the two songs “Zindagi” and “Urr Ja” by SOCH band stand out. Wajahat Rauf has done a decent job with the writing and direction too, and there are many scenes, especially between Enaaya and her mother, that are well written and tug your heart strings. On the acting front, Mehwish Hayat is superb as Enaaya, and Azfar Rahman does well as Jimmy too. Special mentions to Faryal Mahmood and Rabab Hashim who did justice to their roles aswell.

Overall, “Enaaya” is worth a watch.  Its plot may not have depth, but that is not expected from a young college based romantic story. While there are some similarities with “Ho Mann Jahaan”, the treatment and story arc is different. The overall production is something that has never been seen before on Pakistani screens, and this is recommended for a weekend binge watch!

Written by Azadar Kazmi


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