Fahad Mustafa and Wajahat Rauf Announce Truce

Fahad Mustafa

Fahad Mustafa in his recent tweet called out the culture of vulgarity in web series in the name of freedom of expression. The tweet consequently not just started a debate on twitter, but also made many beleive that the actor is referring to Wajahat Rauf’s recently released Pakistan’s first web series “Enaaya” and as a result of this a number of news portals started connecting dots and published stories on it and we dont blame any of them as considering all the talk going around regarding the objectionable content in “Enaaya” during the same span, it might have been natural for them to deduce such conclusions.

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One of the portal further went on to link this lash out with animosity between the JPNA team and KSL franchise based on a video in which they were having a fun conversation regarding KSL 3 which was concluded to be in a bad taste.

After all of this, Fahad again took to twitter for rescue, clarifying himself tweeting

To this tweet Wajahat also responded on his facebook handle speaking for the first time on objectioned foul langauge and the Fahad tweet!

With this, Fahad and Wajahat have put all the speculation to rest and we are glad that “Sab set hogya”.

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