“This Revamped Version is Miles Better Than Previous One”, says Humayun Saeed on ‘Project Ghazi’

Project Ghazi is a film that has been mired in controversy since its release was pushed back in summer 2017. Humayun Saeed, one of the film’s leads, had it stop from theatrical release right after film’s premiere in Karachi considering it raw for audience display at that time. The film is now finally about to release 29th March this time .

We at Pakistani Cinema recently had a chit chat with Humayun Saeed about his time working on the film and how the superstar feels about the final product as it theatrical release nears.

“It’s good to see it finally releasing. I personally really wanted this film to release, because in a way I had been blamed for its delay. And so, I had been under this guilt for a long time” answered Saeed.

On the reasons for the delay, he responded with his original statement from two years ago. “How could we allow a film surrounded by this much hype to release when it wasn’t even complete? Even the sound recording was poor” he said.

However, when asked about the latest version of the film, he responded with optimism.
“I have watched the new version, and I can easily say that it’s miles better than the previous one. I’m sure the audiences must’ve also felt that the film’s quality has improved after watching the new trailer.”

Humayun Saeed expressed his desire to support local talent and new artists. He revealed that it was partially his sense of responsibility as a veteran actor to shoulder creative voices that led him to work in the film.

“I did this film to support new talent and the new breed of filmmakers that have emerged in this new wave of Pakistani Cinema. I had previously been sticking to my own productions, with the exception of ‘Bin Roye’. So, when they approached me for this role in Project Ghazi, I thought it would be unfair to make excuses, just because they were new”,

Humayun further emphasized that  “We, the established actors should support new and independent filmmakers so they can get noticed. Our industry needs more film directors and producers if it is to become self-sufficient.”

Project Ghazi is the first Pakistani superhero film, with elements of science fiction and espionage and stars Humayun Saeed, Sheheryar Munawwar, Syra Shehroze, and TV legend Talat Hussain.

“Project Ghazi” will be releasing cinemas nationwide on the 29th of March by Distribution Club.

Written by Web Desk


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