5 Reasons to Book your Tickets for ‘Project Ghazi’ Right Now!

“Project Ghazi” is a film that has been highly anticipated since it was first announced but film was pushed from the announced date due to some technical glitches in summer 2017, however film has now been completely revamped according to star Humayun Saeed. From its new trailer, it looks like nothing that Pakistani cinema has ever seen before.

If that doesn’t convince you to go watch it, here are 5 more reasons for you to book your tickets now.

1. The Spy Angle:
“Project Ghazi” promises to be a spy thriller. It features a plot involving some sort of enhanced soldier program. What that program was and how it involved the different characters and why they need to assemble today are all questions that the trailer posed and only the movie holds the answer.

Pakistan has rarely gotten a good spy thriller and most attempts have fallen flat. However, this one seems to be a rip snorting good time.

2. The Special Effects:
The trailer showed off army men fighting against giant mechs. These giant robots remind one of the machines in Robocop or the AT-AT walkers in Return of the Jedi. Whatever the case maybe, we’ve never seen robots fight with humans in a Pakistani film before, and that alone should have you flocking to the cinemas.

3. The Star Power:
“Project Ghazi” stars Humayun Saeed, Syra Shahroz, Sheheryar Munawar, and the veteran Talat Hussain in lead roles. Humayun Saeed is on a winning streak right now and the most commercially successful actor in Pakistan. Sheheryar Munawwar is en route to become cinema’s golden boy with this outing and Syra looks slick in her Avatar in the film.

However, if you want true acting prowess, go for Talat Hussain, who is known to be in a pivotal role in the film and perhaps the mastermind behind the original super soldier program in the film.

4. The Action Sequences:
The trailer showed some amazing action sequences on display including the fights with the giant mechs and between the protagonists and the main villain in the film. It promises to be a roller coaster ride filled with great fight choreography and very polished sequences. For that alone, cinemas should be packed on opening day.

5. The Villain:
Adnan Jaffar plays the formidable ‘Kataan’ in the film, the principal villain. He seeks to destroy everything in his path and cause chaos. What his motives are and who he is, is a mystery for now. However, he may hold the key to the central plot of the film. Pakistani cinema has had its fair share of great villains. Looks like Adnan Jaffar is about to join that list.

“Project Ghazi” releases in cinemas across Pakistan on 29th of March, 2019 by Distribution Club.

Written by Yousuf Mehmood


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