Five Reasons Why ‘Laal Kabootar’ is a Must Watch

One of this week’s release “Laal Kabootar” is the art house representation comparing with the much formula driven commercial flick “Sherdil”. Despite the promotions and the individual buzz around both movies, deep inside we all knew how the box office results would be. But keeping the reviews and screening reactions in account it’s already established that “Lal Kabootar” is a far superior product in terms of cinema and discussing the same, here we will be giving you 5 reasons that make this film a must watch.

1- Well layered gripping narrative 

“Laal Kabootar” is exceptional on writing front and hats off to Ali Abbas Naqvi for developing such an intense, original, unapologetic and layered narrative. Right from the first gut ranching scene till the very last scene and then the heartfelt prologue, the writing stands out through and through. Each and every character is well etched and is given substantial dialogues to work with, which adds to their performance.

2- Karachi like never seen before 

Karachi is not only the premise of all the happenings, it’s one of the characters in film. Karachi is shown to be as flawed as all the other characters in the film. The eary vibe from the city, from the rich apartments to the undergrounds and outskirts of the city, the film portrays the Karachi in a manner never seen before both visually and textually.

3- Not a typical hero heroin’s story we all are done with 

Another thing which works for the film and makes it unique, is its characters. It’s not a hero’s story or a wife’s revenge its not even about corruption of sorts. The film is about confrontation with ones dreams, the realization when one gets to know about the price of his dreams. Given equal screen time, the story is not only Adeel and Aliya’s. Inspector Ibrahim played by Rashid Farooqui, is one of the main characters who brings light every time he comes to screen.

4- Characters from real life instead of text books

The film doesn’t shy away from showing the reality without whitewashing anything. The story of characters, their problems, the suggested solutions and its entire eventual outcome is as real as it could be. If there is corruption, its not glorified. There is violence, alcohol, hints of hashish but all of it is in the background, which is fresh for a film. The makers do not put it into the forefront of the narrative. All characters are involved in some wrongdoings but no one is the villain as there is redemption for everyone.

5- Acting performances

Acting is undoubtedly amazing not only by the leads but each and every supporting character. Five minutes into the movie and we forget that anyone is acting and the magic goes on till the very last frame. It’s not dramatic not underplayed it’s just raw ans real which definitely is a plus point.

Written by Syed Ali Asghar


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