On Delays and Low Key Promotions: In Conversation with Team ‘Project Ghazi’

The much talked about movie “Project Ghazi”, which has been the victim of delays is finally releasing this Friday. The anticipated project since its conception has been in the limelight for its unique idea and concept. Promoted as Pakistan’s first legit super hero/sci-fi film it just might be the game changer for the future of superhero movies in Pakistan.

Talking exclusively to PakistaniCenima, the team of “Project Ghazi”, the lead actors Humayun Saeed and Syra Shahroz and the producer of film Syed Ali Raza revealed their thoughts about the whole experience and cinema in general.

About the repeated delays and lack of promotion, Ali Raza explained,

“See when a film is complete and ready to release and then it’s delayed that too for a whole year, problems are bound to happen. And we did not want to cheat the audience with average content as we wanted to give them what we had promised. For that if it takes one extra year then be it.” said the producer Ali Raza.

Fans of local movies have been baffled with the loy key promotions of such a huge project. We asked the team about the reason behind it, to which Humayun responded, “See, with what the film had already been through, all we wanted for the film was to get it a theatrical release. We have been promoting the film and everyone knows it’s releasing. So the buzz is definitely there.”

Ali raza further added, “And also we wanted to do more promotions but you know we are working with three big superstars of the country and due to the delay they had committed there time else where and to have them together again for a month promotions, we would have to further delay the movie. And also I believe our content is unique and strong and once the audience watches it, they will be satisfied.”

Talking about her role and representation of women in Pakistani films we talked to Sayra and this is what she had to say, “I like to do a certain kind of content. I mean in all my past projects you can see that while choosing scripts I focus on the character. If I think I can add something to the character I do it, and talking about “Project Ghazi”, I’m not just there for fun and songs I’m playing a scientist.” (laughs), “I mean how often do you see a female scientist in a Pakistani movie?”

Finally asking the whole team about a potential super hero franchise or a cenimatic university of the likes of DC and Marvel. Sayra and Humayun said they love the idea but it’s up to the producer to decide.

“Well I don’t want to reveal anything now. As for now “Project Ghazi” is releasing this Friday and i would urge all to go watch it with your friends and family, show us your love and support. Your support will help us decide our next ventures.”

In the end “Project Ghazi” is an important film in the history of Pakistani cenima purely for the vision of the producers and director. Only time will tell how we might remember it. We at PakistaniCenima wish the team good luck for their film.

Written by Syed Ali Asghar


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