From its Teaser Trailer, ‘Chhalawa’ Looks Like One Huge, Grand Celebration!

Whether it is “Karachi se Lahore”, the web series Enaaya or his online shows, Wajahat Rauf never stops surprising his audience. The latest one is “Chhalawa”, his new film starring Mehwish Hayat, Azfar Rahman, Zara Noor Abbas and Asad Siddiqui.

Under production with strict secrecy, the film’s name and production stills were only recently made public. And today, Wajahat launched the film’s teaser.

And what a grand teaser it is. In the tradition of “Punjab Nahi Jaungi”, the movie features its centerpiece grand haveli, where much of the action will take place. Our hero, Azfar Rahman lands there to woo his love interest in the film, Mehwish Hayat, possibly against the wishes of her bauji, played by veteran actor Mahmood Aslam.

Initial shots of the teaser show Mehwish Hayat sporting an interesting Punjabi accent, and then we move on to celebration gear, with generous doses of dancing and merrymaking, Punjab style of course. The film will also have plenty of romance, shot with spellbinding array of colours, as we see our hero Azfar Rahman posing intimately with Mehwish in many frames. Their chemistry looks spectacularly real and both make a rather cute movie pair.

As in any romantic drama of recent times, “Chhalawa” will also feature pain and heart-break, as we see a shot of Mehwish Hayat attempting to tie dupatta like a noose around her neck. Zara Noor makes her grand first cinematic appearance with the film and looks spectacularly beautiful sporting traditional desi outfits, as does her real life husband Asad Siddiqui. He will also debut on the big screen with the film.

While the teaser does not reveal much about the movie’s storyline, you can be sure that this one is going to be a riot of emotions, music, romance and a lot of well-choreographed dancing. Importantly, Wajahat Rauf does not let down as far as the production values are concerned, for the movie features some rich and vibrant set design, and the photography by DOP Asrad Khan is looking top-notch as well.

Looks like we are heading for a very interesting competition on Eid-ul-Fitr, with three strong films set to compete at the box office!

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