Box Office: ‘Laal Kabootar’ and ‘Sher Dil’ Hold Steady for the Second Weekend while ‘Project Ghazi’ Fizzles Out

Pakistani films are holding well at the box office as audiences have flocked back to cinemas even in the absence of Bollywood content.

“Laal Kabootar” has managed to rake in 1.66 crores in total, bringing in similar numbers to its opening weekend. With 15 lacs on Friday and 22 lacs on Saturday, the film is still successfully bringing in niche audiences and showing them the dark underbelly of Karachi.

“Sher Dil” has dominated the box office, taking in a total of 7.3 crores. It raked in 50 lacs this Friday and 75 lacs on Saturday. The prevailing anti-Indian sentiment in the country as well as the film’s strong message about the valour and bravery of the Pakistan air force has translated in to huge earnings for the film.

“Project Ghazi” however, has completely disappointed. It has brought in lukewarm box office results; a total of 55 lacs over this Friday and Saturday. A film with a strong pro army message and an emphasis on action and special effects should’ve drawn in over 1 crore each day of its opening weekend but it seems like the project didn’t resonate well with the audience.

Figures Courtesy: Entertainment Pakistan

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