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Trailer of Psycho Thriller ‘The Ending?’ is Released

“The Ending?” is an upcoming film starring Hassan Niazi which ostensibly looks like a deep psychological thriller. The trailer doesn’t give away much except that Niazi is conducting some sort of experiment and wants to find out more about the human brain. Dark corridors filled with red light and ominous conversations dot the trailer.


The title of the film also doesn’t give away much, but the page it’s posted from is named “The Ending? Film Series”, hinting that there may be more films in the pipeline. Whether they will be titled “The Middle” and “The Beginning” as a sort of reverse order play on words, remains to be seen. There is no tentative release date but we can expect the film to hit theaters soon.

The film stars Hassan Niazi, Laila Zuberi, Faizan Sheikh, Shehram Akram, Omer Abdullah Khan, and Haseeb Abbasi and is written, directed and produced by Haseeb Abbasi.

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