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Baaji’s Teaser is Brilliant, and the Internet Agrees with us!

Saqib Malik’s long awaited cinema debut is finally happening with “Baaji”, and that alone makes it a project worth watching out for. The buzz for the film has been building since its poster was revealed in early March. The film’s teaser was quietly dropped yesterday, which sent our excitement levels, and the internet into overdrive.

The roughly 80 second preview shows with sizzling amount of drama, sex and glamor, the conflict between its four main players: Meera, playing a star in decline, Amna Ilyas, the next big thing out to replace her, a film director played by Osman Khalid Butt and Ali Kazmi, who plays Meera’s lover.

Meera pretty much steals the limelight, exuding oomph and sophistication in a manner which only she can as she brings out the film’s central character to life. Amna Ilyas closely follows as the dreamy eyed belle with ambitions to strike big in Tinseltown.

The film’s mounting looks grand, for we see scenes where the film’s leads are ballroom dancing, sharing a steamy sequence in bed and serenading in front of majestic, sylvan mountains. The music and the star cast add a touch of nostalgia about Lollywood’s days gone by.

The film promises fiery melodrama, with plenty of cat fight and moments of dramatic, emotional upheavals, the type you have rarely scene in local films. Another reason to watch is the film’s engaging storyline, which explores different facets of fame i.e. the rise of a star means sometimes, the decline of another. The film marks Meera’s comeback and her first notable project since 2013’s “Ishq Khuda”, and the actress seems to be making full use of the opportunity. That all the film’s grand drama will be showcased with Saqib Malik’s midas touch makes “Baaji” a film you cannot afford to miss.

As you can tell, we thought the teaser was phenomenal, and the internet agrees!

Designer Ali Xeeshan tweeted the film will be a “turning point for Pakistani cinema”

Star Armeena Khan who is currently basking in the glory of Sherdil’s success, tweeted “This looks GOOD.”

BBC’s Haroon Rashid said he “loved the teaser”.

And there were other reactions of pure love for the film, too….

It seems like Baaji’s team has got everything planned out as the anticipation level rises with the release of each of the film’s promotional material. We are sure Saqib Malik has a few more surprises in store in the film’s trailer and we cannot wait to watch it!

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