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Amna Ilyas is Impressive in Ready Steady No’s Trailer

Amidst all the frenzy of high budget star studded commercial ventures it is always refreshing to see out-of-the-box independent productions that attempt to create something unique altogether. Director Hisham Bin Munawar brings “Ready Steady No”, a long in production venture whose trailer was launched yesterday. Revolving around lovers on the run in Lahore attempting in vain to get married, the film seems to be joyride filled with laughter, unpredictable situations and some quirky characters.
Budding starlet Amna Ilyas shines in the over two minute long preview as her character elopes with Faisal Saif’s, attempting to get a nikah while on the run. Helping them in their cause is a lawyer played by Marhoom Ahmad Bilal (last seen in Teefa in Trouble as Billu Butt) and a local maulvi played by Zain Afzal. Salman Shahid plays Amna’s father, and he sends an ‘intelligence agent’ on their heels.

The film’s independent production values lend themselves well to the storyline, allowing its cast’s performances to shine through. The highlight here is Amna Ilyas, who has a meaty role of a somewhat fearless girl on the run and the film will prove to be a good platform to showcase her acting chops. That she looks gorgeous in all the frames doesn’t hurt much either. Debutante Faisal Saif seems to ably give her company as the film’s male lead, and when it comes to comic timing, Marhoom Ahmad Bilal’s seems to be bang on the spot. The movie also stars Ismail Tara who brings his trademark brand of humour.

Slice of life cinema is never easy to attempt, and that the film attempts that with a comedic twist seems to be a first since “Zinda Bhaag”, although this film is definitely more lighthearted. Also, the makers have packed in enough masala such as a song dance number to ensure well rounded commercial film, and with its line-up of comedy artistes you can sure that the film will pack in plenty of laughter and realistic, tongue in cheek humour that will bring the house down.

We are definitely looking forward to catching “Ready Steady No” in theaters this summer!

“Ready Steady No” is scheduled to Release on July 19, and will be distributed by Hum Films.

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