Mehwish Hayat pulls off her thuggish avatar in ‘Gangster Guriya’ but the music disappoints

Saqib Malik’s movie “Baaji” is all over the internet these days in the wake of its ceaseless surprises. In our previous exclusive reveal we unveiled the surprise combo of Mehwish Hayat and Sunidhi Chauhan in the most awaited song of the movie, titled ‘Gangster Guriya’ and the on-board fire and fizz proved that it was worth the wait.

Mehwish’s thuggish avatar and energy throughout the song is enough sparky that one couldn’t get his eyes off her. The song is phenomenally choreographed by Osman Khalid Butt on an equally amazing set, and proves his aptness one more time. The energy in the song, the production value and the direction, together pulled off the show. However, what’s off here are music and lyrics.

Beyond a doubt, Sunidhi Chauhan is indeed a befitting choice for the song as her voice meets the energy that was required but the instruments, composition and lyrics don’t do justice with the visuals and Mehwish’s energy. Music in most of the parts is a bit louder than it was required. Music in Rock-on songs is supposed to be loud but the song’s charisma and appeal shouldn’t be affected. The music in some parts of the song made the vocals sound like savagely screaming and difficult to comprehend.

These basic departments, sad to say, could have been way better as this is limiting the song to be a visual treat with a forgettable audio. We were definitely expecting something better than this, specially when the two audio-visual treats from film, ‘Khilti Kali’ and ‘Badlaa’ were already making headlines for all the right reasons.

We wish “Baaji” to uncloak the potency and the forte of Pakistan film industry to the world. Film releases in cinemas worldwide on June 28.

Written by Fareeha Wahid


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