Pakistani Films With These Gems on Netflix

Quench Your Thirst for Pakistani Films With These Gems on Netflix

There are no local Pakistani releases this week. However, more Pakistani films than ever are available on Netflix for an endless viewing experience. Here are just a few that were released on Netflix this year that you can watch this weekend.

7 Din Mohabbat In

This is a weird love story if there ever was one. Starring Mahira Khan, Sheheryar Munawwar and Jawed Sheikh, this is about a shy boy who dreams of becoming prince charming. His quest leads him to a jinn in the shape of Jawed Sheikh who then aids him. The film is filled with a lot of screwball comedy and a lot of path breaking special effects as far as our industry is concerned. Give this a watch if you have a few hours to yourself.

Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor

There’s a case to be made that this is the best animated film yet produced in Pakistan, both in terms of story as well as animation. The cleverly named ‘3rd World Studios’ came up with this gem of a story about poaching in Pakistan’s pristine north.

It also features a Markhor, the national animal of the country. At the center is an adventurous child named Allahyar and a tiny Markhor. If you have any inhibitions about the movie, the first scene will completely wipe them out. The way this film begins is a complete surprise, and the surprises continues throughout the film. Definitely watch this one with your kids if you have the time.


If one were to make a list of the best films yet made in the new wave of Pakistani cinema, this would definitely be included. Asim Abbasi’s home grown story about a family’s personal demons is beautifully told. It features powerhouse performances by both Sanam Saeed and Aamina Sheikh. It also features a plot that is essentially Pakistani. There’s not a hint of influence from anywhere else. Definitely set aside a few hours to watch this gem.

Pinky Memsaab

“Pinky Memsaab” is also a deeply personal story like “Cake”, even though it’s not as well told. It features beautifully understated performances by Hajra Yamin and Kiran Malik. It’s about women breaking boundaries, personal freedom, and how some things look beautiful only at a distance. It comes highly recommended for those that are living abroad but need a taste of home.


Saawan was sent to the 90th Academy Awards as Pakistan’s official submission for ‘Best Foreign Language Film’. The film also won the Best Foreign Language Film award at the Madrid International Film Festival in 2017. It’s a story about a young boy with polio hoping to reconnect with his mother. Abandoned in the wilderness, it’s about Saawan’s journey towards hope and salvation. Definitely a different offering from Pakistani cinema, it deserves to be seen by more than just festival audiences.

Written by Yousuf Mehmood


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