Three New Weekend Releases Close off November

Three New Weekend Releases Close off November

November’s last few days are falling on a weekend, which means the month is in for a grand send off. Three new releases will dot the coming weekend, one from Hollywood, one from China, and one from local cinema.

The Climbers

This film comes to Pakistan from the Chinese film industry. It stars one of China’s biggest stars, Wu Jing, as the leader of the first Chinese climbers that conquered the peak of Everest. If you loved the Man vs. Nature themed films from the 90s you’ll probably like to watch this too.

Knives Out

Knives Out is a classically themed Whodunit. These films were massively popular in old Hollywood. It’s an old fashioned murder mystery where the detective has to sift through all the evidence and figure out, who did it. It has a massive cast of old masters and new blood including Christopher Plummer, Jamie Lee Curtis, Toni Colette, Chris Evans, Ana De Armas, Michael Shannon, and Daniel Craig.


The only local offering this week is “Betaabiyan”, starring Hiba Ali, Syed Arez, Saima Baloch and veterans like Babar Ali, Jawed Sheikh, Saba Hameed and Sangeeta. The film is being promoted as a family friendly romance. If you’re hankering for some nostalgia and want to see Babar Ali back on screen, this is your chance.

All these films will release on November 29.

Written by Yousuf Mehmood


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