February Ends With Release Of Two Flicks Sonic And Record

February Ends With Release Of Two Flicks Sonic And Record

February’s last week will end with a domestic and a Hollywood offering.

Record (Pakistani)

The first Pakistani release of the year is Record, a found footage Thriller. It stars Kashif Khan, Searha Asghar, Asad Siddiki, and Inayat Khan among others as a team that is investigating paranormal activity at an abandoned building for a documentary. However, as you can probably predict, things go wrong as they become prey for the paranormal forces they’re investigating.

The found footage genre is unexplored in Pakistan, and so is horror. So Record is a welcome addition to both. Watch this if you’re hoping for something new this Friday.

Sonic (US)

Sonic, the beloved Sega mascot now has his own movie. Fans of the classic game can get tickets for the feature this Friday. However, for those that don’t care for the game, they can go to the film for Jim Carrey. That’s right, the veteran comedian is back as the sinister Robotnik, the villain to Sonic.

With his performance receiving praise and the film already making hundreds of millions worldwide, it’s a great family watch. Definitely go with your family this weekend.

Written by Yousuf Mehmood


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