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Highest Grossing Films of the Decade at the UK Box Office

Pakistan’s New Wave of Cinema has made an impact not just at home but on foreign shores as well. At the UK Box Office, especially, films have begun to do significant business, due to the significant Pakistani population that lives there. Here are the top 11 highest grossing Pakistani films of the Decade at the UK Box Office.

1-  Punjab Nahi Jaungi (£602k)

Punjab Nahin Jaungi was a huge hit at the worldwide Box Office with a collection of 51 Cr. Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar’s script and Humayun Saeed and Mehwish Hayat worked their magic. It seems like audiences abroad also appreciated the story and the craft.

2-  Bin Roye (£545k)

Bin Roye stands, till today, as the top grosser overseas for a Pakistani film. Grossing a huge 29.5 Cr at the foreign box office, which was more than twice its collection at home, it made a huge impact. Hence, its collection in the UK was no exception.

3-  Janaan (£441k)

Janaan featured the perfect plot for an international Pakistani audience. It gave them a flavour of home, featured a protagonist coming back to her country, and also a social message. So it was no surprise that it made nearly half a million pounds at the UK Box office.

4-  Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 (£390k)

The highest grossing Pakistani film of all time as always going to be on this list. Obviously fans of Humayun Saeed and Fahad Mustafa weren’t going to let this one pass without seeing it.

5-  Waar (£322k)

Waar was a Kickstarter for the New Wave. It set records within Pakistan and abroad. It wasn’t called the unstoppable movie for nothing. Audiences loved Shaan coming back to the screen and the high adrenaline shot.

6-  Bol (£210k)

Some still call it Shoaib Mansoor’s best work. This was the second time he had ruffled Pakistani society’s feathers after Khuda Kay Liye. Humaima Malick’s iconic shriek “Jab Khila Nahin Saktay Tou Paida Kyun Kartey Ho?” shook audiences. Even those that haven’t watched it know of that dialogue. It obviously appealed to the UK audiences too.

7-  Jawani Phir Nahi Ani (£171k)

When it came out it swiftly snatched the top spot from Waar. Becoming the highest grossing Pakistani film of all time the year of its release, it was no surprise that it made waves abroad too.

8- Superstar (£165k)

Mahira Khan’s triumphant return to the silver screen was seen by many as a return to form as well. Superstar was a crowd pleaser, a romance, and a musical extravaganza. So of course it was going to do well in the UK.

9-  Teefa In Trouble (£161k)

Ali Zafar’s Pakistani film debut was a huge hit. Minting 50 Cr at the worldwide Box Office and earning rave reviews for its action choreography, it definitely appealed to the Pakistani audience in the UK.

10- Parey Hut Love (£145k)

Released the same day as Superstar, Parey Hut Love remained neck and neck with the Mahira Khan starrer. Yet, because of its visual appeal, Parey Hut Love established its own identity. It managed to do nearly as well as Superstar at the UK Box office as well.

11-  Verna (£135k)

This was Shoaib Mansoor’s third film so everyone was waiting for it. Yet it never managed to create the same magic as his previous two ventures. Still, the anticipation of the film along with its central premise, that of rape, captivated audiences for at least the first few weeks.

This list shows that Pakistani films have a significant market abroad. Producers and directors should keep that in mind when they are looking for topics that will appeal to the masses. Who knows what might break through to them.

Written by Yousuf Mehmood


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