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Javed Iqbal Film: Poster And Release Date Out

The poster of Yasir Hussain , Ayesha Omer starer “Javed Iqbal: The Untold Story Of Serial Killer” was released online yesterday.

The poster, which looks like the front page of a newspaper, features the main characters of the movie. It also reads the basic information about Javed Iqbal and the judge’s remarks in his case.

Film is based on true events from the life of Javed Iqbal. The evil pedophile, who raped and killed 100 boys, was sentenced to be strangled 100 times but died under mysterious circumstances in his cell.

The Abu Aleeha directorial is set for a 24th December release and with that, it becomes his third movie announced for release after the re-opening of cinemas.

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