Ishrat Made in China

“Ishrat: Made in China” Trailer Has Loads of Comedy, Action, and Thrills, Movie to Release in March

Has Mohib Mirza figured out the magical formula to drive audiences to the theater to see his upcoming production ‘Ishrat: Made in China’? The trailer promises a film with much action, thrills, adventure, and yes, Comedy –the movie is based on the eponymous sitcom that was aired several years back — in short, everything the audience desires to see in a full-length feature film. It introduces Ishrat, the movie’s bad-ass, street-smart hero who dreams of getting rich and ends up on an adventure to China. We are also shown his on-screen love interest, played by Sanam Saeed, in all her long-tressed glory, upping the glam quotient quite a bit.

Things go awry when our hero lands in China, where he encounters the movie’s boss-villain. Designer, talk show host, and now actor HSY undergoes quite a transformation from his usual on-screen persona for this menacing new avatar. Besides introducing the film’s key characters, the trailer also highlights the film’s centerpiece big-ticket action set pieces, and from what we saw, they look quite slick and impressive and might just be a first for a Pakistani production in their production and scale. Influences of far eastern action flicks are much apparent here, which could end up being the film’s USP.

‘Ishrat: Made in China’ has been officially scheduled to release on March 3. This is fantastic for we can barely wait to witness all the masala that Mirza has in store for us in his first directorial venture. Thankfully, the makers have avoided an Eid release, and we hope that the audience, which has been deprived of good cinematic entertainment for so long will respond positively to this project which indeed looks quite grand in its scale. We wish Mohib Mirza and his team all the best!

Written by Faisal Ali H

I work as an economist and maintain an active interest in Pakistani cinema.


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