The “Zarrar” Trailer Promises Action, Intrigue, and a Thrilling Story


Shaan Shahid’s dream project “Zarrar” has been on the editing floor for years now. Today, the final trailer finally dropped and it looks to be well worth the hype.

The trailer has snapshots of thrilling and gory action, international espionage, and wide shots of beautiful locations. While it may not thrill as much as films like “Mission Impossible” or “John Wick”, it’s certainly the best that Pakistan has seen in a while for spy themed movies.

One part of the film I’m looking forward to is the main antagonist spy who’s been recruited by the British government to compromise Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal and is played by Adnan Ahmed Butt. The actor, who is also the executive producer of the film, seems to be extremely well built and huge in stature. That’ll give Shaan a worthy antagonist to fight against.

Nayyer Ejaz and Nadeem Sahab’s roles seem very meaty and they may be the most interesting parts of the movie if they’re given great dialogue. The two are masters of their craft usually reduced to the roles of villains or fathers, respectively. However, “Zarrar” has a chance to give them a lot to chew on.

One gripe that I do have with the trailer is that a lot of the dialogue seems to be in English. This seems to be a pattern with a lot of Shaan’s films since the new wave. “Waar”, “Operation 021”, “Arth” and now “Zarrar”, seem to be filmed in English, at least in the majority. This may be to market to the international audience, but it may lose the native Urdu speaking audience.

“Zarrar” still doesn’t have a release date, but one hopes that with cinemas now fully opened, it will hit the silver screens in 2022.

Written by Yousuf Mehmood


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