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Tich Button Controversy: Sonya Hussyn Issues Legal Notice to Urwa Hocane

Sonya Hussyn has issued a legal notice to Urwa Hocane regarding nonpayment of due for the film “Tich Button”.

It seems like no film release in Pakistan can go without controversy these days. After the Javed Iqbal ban, and the exhibitor/distributor feud currently affecting the “Legend of Maula Jatt”, “Tich Button” has become the center of controversy.

Sonya Hussyn, one of the heroines of “Tich Button” alleges that Urwa Hocane, the producer, has not paid her the full agreed amount for acting in the film. It is also mentioned that Urwa Hocane tried to pay Sonya Hussyn a fraudulent sum of PKR 500,000 as full payment.

Now Sonya Hussyn is demanding her full payment for her acting services as well as PKR 500,000 as a penalty for “mental torture, humiliation, and embarrassment”.

Urwa Hocane has been given 14 days to issue complete payments until after the issuance of the legal notice. The notice was issued on 22nd October 2022, which means Urwa Hocane has until 5th of November, 2022 to comply.

After that, Sonya Hussyn’s legal team has been instructed to start legal proceedings against Urwa Hocane. This includes filing an FIR against Urwa Hocane.

PakistaniCinema.Net will bring you any updates regarding the situation.

“Tich Button” releases on 11th November, 2022.

Written by Yousuf Mehmood


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