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‘Kampaan’ Is an Upcoming Film About the Anguish of the Artist

Director Shakir Shad, who previously helmed the sensitive Balochabad , has now completed his second feature film. It’s called ‘Kampaan’, and it’s about the anguish of the artist; specifically of those tortured souls who live and love in Pakistan.

‘Kampaan’, a Balochi word which means “chaar deewaari” or literally the four walls of a home, is a very different film to what you find among Pakistani cinema releases. In the new wave of Pakistani cinema, only ‘Mah-e-Mir’ and ‘Arth-The Destination’ have yet touched upon the subject of the artist and his struggles.

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What is Kampaan About?

‘Kampaan’ is about a local sketch artist played by newcomer Sarfaraz Muhammad. His story encapsulates the struggles of talented artists who struggle to find their place in Pakistan.

For a country which has nurtured talents in every field of the arts, it is extremely saddening that today, art is not recognized nor elevated to the stature that it once was.

Kampaan details the sketch artist’s journey from love to obsession with his craft to finding camaraderie with other artists along his journey. Director Shakir Shad has emphasized that he has drawn from his own life experiences, friends and loved ones to tell the story with as much passion and realism as possible.

The Talent Behind ‘Kampaan’

Loads of talent, both old and new, has worked on ‘Kampaan’. Sarfaraz Muhammad who plays the protagonist sketch artist is joined by veteran actor Allah Bakhsh Ali playing a mysterious role in his journey. Others in the story include Armaan Akbar and Umar Chiya. These actors are masters of their craft in Baloch cinema, stage and television.

Also of note is cinematographer Faisal Murad who Shakir Shad says has made the film look exactly as Shakir needed it to. His work captures the journey of the artist as only celluloid could.

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Where and When Was ‘Kampaan’ Shot?

‘Kampaan’ has been shot all over the city of Karachi as well as in Bahria Town. The film’s focus lies in the areas of Lyari, Malir, Seaview and the village of Kathor. The latter is an important Baloch town in Sindh.

As for the when; ‘Kampaan’ has been in development for over a year now and has been completed. While no release date is confirmed yet, it may hit cinemas sooner than you think.

Stories like ‘Kampaan’ are organic and speak to the heartland of Pakistan. They should be supported and promoted and shouted from the rooftops. They feature the kind of stories which can put Pakistani cinema on the map.

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Written by Yousuf Mehmood


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