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‘Budhi Ghori Lal Lagam’ Brings Back The Lost Charm Of Eid Telefilms!

Eid special telefilms in Pakistan unfortunately are a supreme victim of monotony. Sometimes one fails to understand why do writers get short of ideas to create light-hearted content on Eid? It is hard to digest that every telefilm is based on the same narrative i.e. a boy and girl madly in love with each other; trying hard to convince their families of their union. Be it Meethi Eid or Bari Eid, the only notable addition to such narratives is the bakra. Besides fueling this format with great production value, good budget and a great star cast, it is also important to invest in a good storyline backed up by proficient directions.

Phata Poster Nikla hero, Sheheryar Munawar Siddiqui finally breaks the jinx with ‘Budhi Ghori Lal Lagam’. He emerges victorious as his debut directorial telefilm is much more than just a random love story. The thought-provoking content, stellar cast and deft directions makes it a complete Eid winner.

The Hatke Narrative

‘Budhi Ghori Lal Lagam’ is a slice of life that playfully touches upon societal taboos that are often brushed under the carpet. The plot revolves around Jahangir (Salman Shahid) and Zubi (Simi Raheal) an old age couple who aim to live life to the fullest. They both have passed the crucial test of life with flying colors by well nurturing their children Ayesha (Sarwat Gillani) and Kareem (Ahsan Khan). Things take a drastic turn when Jahangir couldn’t digest his friend Arshu’s (Behroze Sabzwari) untimely death. Jahangir along with Zubi finds ways to induce happiness, rediscover, and prioritize their choices. In this process, the senior citizens do hear notions like “Seaview Pe Bachi Leke Bathay Ho”, “Umar Ho Gaye Hai”, “Jawani Charhi Hai Burhapay Mai” and so on. Adding more to the horror are their children who leave no stone unturned to embarrass them.

The Hero Behind The Camera

This is Sheheryar’s second directorial outing after ‘Price Charming’ and he hits it out of the park. His treatment of a sensitive subject is neat and real. The way Jahangir and Zubi relive the happy moments together is lovely. Some of the sequences stand out like Zubi’s conversation with her maid while smoking cigarette. The tender moment where Zubi hugs Jahangir after Arshu’s sudden demise. And of course the bike sequence when they have a day out doing their thing. Brownie points for the camera work that beautifully captures the city of lights. The opening sequence is intense and has a truly cinematic feel to it.

Veterans At Their Best

Speaking of performances, Salman Shahid and Simi Raheal give their best and deliver a bravura performance. Their raw and real way of emoting is exemplary. Their comic timing is spot on. Together they take the narrative many notches higher. Asma Abbas raises the laughter quotient. Sarwat and Ahsan lend able support. Behroz Sabzwari and Umer Alam are decent.

The Filmi Tarka

A project helmed by Shehreyar doesn’t feature his favorite Mahira Khan, Aisa Tau hau Hi Nahi Sakta. For the unversed, Khan and Munawar have starred together in several projects. In ‘Budhi Ghori Lal Lagam’ he brings back the hit jodi of Mahira and Humayun Saeed and utilizes them in the most effective way possible. The beauty of the entire telefilm on one hand and the opening sequence on the other. Shehreyar creates a different aura, the rain, the red saree, and the true passion of love, are all shot very aesthetically.

Summing It Up

‘Budhi Ghori Lal Lagam’ brings back the lost charm of Eid telefilms. It’s an out-and-out entertainer replete with several thought-provoking lessons of life. We hope to see more of Shehreyar’s directorial magic in the future.

Written by Ozair Majeed


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