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Kuch Ankahi Finale: This Family Entertainer Deserves A Season 2!

‘Kuch Ankahi’ finally ends after 27 episodes. The modern-day classic is a rare outing that won hearts purely based on high-quality content. Over the years, director Nadeem Baig’s TV outings have a reputation of opening big. However, this wasn’t the case with ‘Kuch Ankahi’. The show took a decent start, with each passing episode and positive word of mouth it became a sleeper hit. Also due to its timeless feel, it will achieve a cult classic status in subsequent years.

The Wrap Up

Clear and on point, the last two episode of ‘Kuch Ankahi’ were simply brilliant. Shagufta (Uroosa Siddique) brings her father back home from the old home. Saifullah (Ali Safina) is an old chapter of her life and now she wants be an actor just like her father. One thing was difficult to digest. How did Aliya find a ‘qaroon ka Khanza’ to settle the house dispute? How can an employee pay off such a mammoth amount with her salary and commission?  Strange!

Samia (Mira Sethi) refuses to forgive Saifullah and rightfully so. The latter despite seeking forgiveness multiple times asks the former to be at least friends with her. Zareena (Asma Abbas) accepts her wrongdoings but Samia needs more time to recover. Shakeel (Adnan Samad Khan) throughout wooed Tania (Qudsia Ali), their equation however remained unclear.

Team Asfar (Shehreyar Munwar) or Team Salman (Bilal Abbas Khan), fans have been wondering and answering polls on social media and expressing their choice with whom should Aliya (Sajal Aly) end up with. Asfar and Salman (Bilal Abbas Khan) indulge in an elaborate dialogue baazi and Salman wins over Aliya.

Kuch Ankahi Finale 001

Asfar thanks Aliya for giving him the strength of making peace with his family. Sofia (Vaneeza Ahmed) as expected runs away from her wedding. In a heartwarming sequence at the railway station, Thanvi (Babar Ali) finally convinces her to say yes.

Kuch Ankahi Finale 002

Winning Combo

Writer Muhammad Ahmed gave us a unique leading lady who besides looking pretty is a sensible woman who takes the driver’s seat, tackles tough situations and supports her family. Every character is written with such minute detailing that one completely emerges into the respective tracks. Director Nadeem Baig’s direction is splendid. He does complete justice to the well written script and perfectly treats every sequence. The finale song sequence (a lovely soundtrack by Azaan Sami Khan) that combines the entire cast had Baig’s signature filmi style all over it.

Phenomenal Acts

Every actor starring in ‘Kuch Ankahi’ is fortunate to have such a project to their portfolios. They were flawless, there wasn’t a single false note, be it a supporting or lead character. Sajal Aly with her supreme acting skills proves why she is the best in the business. Bilal Abbas is a natural performer and shines throughout. Shehreyar Munwar is getting meaty parts and he does complete justice to it.

Isra Ghazal was the ideal mother. I hope the makers won’t typecast her in the same capacity again and again. Mira Sethi was the quiet one, she had lesser dialogues and mostly did the talking through her eyes. Vaneeza Ahmed and Babar Ali were loveable. We hope to see both actors more often on screen. Adnan Samad Khan is a shape shifter, give him any role and he gives his best. Mohammed Ahmed has mastered the art of playing the doting father. The part required an actor of his caliber and he essays it with perfection.

Final Verdict

‘Kuch Ankahi’ was a dose of multivitamins that provided viewers with the right nutrients.  It is a show that happens once in two decades. It would be unfair if it doesn’t sweep the maximum number of awards next season. This family entertainer deserve a season 2. And we are up for it.

Written by Ozair Majeed


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