Review: ‘Noor Jahan’ Takes A Spectacular Start

Musaddiq Malek scored a hit with his first directorial venture ‘Habs’. He returns to our TV screens with ‘Noor Jahan’ featuring Saba Hameed as the protagonist. Centered on the theme of power and dominance, the initial teasers and promos promised high-octane entertainment. Written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah, the drama serial features an ensemble cast, that includes Kubra Khan, Ali Rehman Khan, Noor Hassan, Zoya Nasir, Hajra Yamin, Ali Raza, Yousuf Bashir Qureshi, Mahmood Aslam and Alina Abbas. So what makes ‘Noor Jahan’ worth watching? Let’s analyze.

‘Noor Jahan’: The Premise

Saba Hameed (Noor Jahan) is a strong lady who lives life on her principles. She is the mother of three sons Hunain (Noor Hassan), Safeer (Ali Rehman) and Murad (Ali Raza). She was rejected by her husband’s elite family for being a non-Syed. She worked tirelessly and established her family jewelry business. She controls, commands and expects loyalty from all her sons. To seek revenge from her arrogant brother in law Bakhtiar Shah (Yousuf Bashir Qureshi), she aims to fix her youngest son Murad’s marriage with his daughter (Kubra Khan). She doesn’t let Safeer marry the love of his life Maha (Zoya Nasir). Noor Jahan directs a secondary form of revenge towards her sons’ wives.

Writer-Director Triumph

The story by Shah has great potential. The way she places all her characters around the protagonist is noteworthy. She gives ample reasons for Noor Jahan’s dominant behavior for instance how she decides what should be cooked, who will wear what, etc. looks justified. The dialogues are crisp and razor-sharp. The conversation between Noor Jahan and Bakhtiar Shah are clap-worthy.

Malek strikes again and rocks the show with his execution. Noor Jahan takes a gripping start. The introduction of the protagonist is bang on. The drama serial gives a cinematic vibe, the grandeur, and top-notch production value fill up the screen. Minute details are being taken care of, like the rich look rich, food discussed is being served etc. The proceedings are pacy and peppered with ample engaging moments. There are many high points: like Safina’s (Alina Abbas) talking to herself in the mirror about Noor Jahan’s ill behavior, the confrontations between Noor Jahan and Bakhtiar Shah and Safeer’s wedding sequence where he says ‘Qabool Hai’ at the eleventh hour.

Powerful Acts

Speaking of performances, Saba Hameed has delivered several memorable performances in her long illustrious career, yet, she steals the show as Noor Jahan. She isn’t loud, her act is restrained and it works big time. She looks stunning, the way she changes her expressions and tonality is stunning. The drama rides on her shoulder and she does complete justice to it. Kubra Khan is in top form. Ali Rehman is decent. Noor Hassan is okay. Alina Abbas surprises with her act. Ali Raza’s presence is refreshing.

Verdict So Far

‘Noor Jahan’ is off to a spectacular start. The drama serial with its unique presentation and direction captivates viewer’s big time. Recommended!

Written by Ozair Majeed


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