Yashma Gill Excited about Her Debut in‘Wrong No. 2’ with “Gali Gali”

“Wrong No. 2”, the sequel to the box office hit “Wrong No.” is set to release worldwide on Eid-ul-Fitr. While film’s cast includes names like Neelam Muneer, Sami Khan, Jawed Sheikh, Mehmood Aslam, Danish Nawaz, Sana Fakhar and Yasir Nawaz, there is also a special appearance by model come actress Yashma Gill.

PakistaniCinema got a hold of Yashma who is quite excited about her debut on the silver screen with the dance number ‘Gali Gali’ in “Wrong No. 2”

Yashma claims to be extremely happy with her dance performance in the film, and she feels blessed for the tutelage of Yasir Nawaz and the support of the rest of the cast and the background dancers. According to her the background dancers we’re all professionals who met the strict deadlines given to them and completed the song within the 2-3 days of shooting allotted.

She’s also thankful to choreographer Nigah Hussain, who she terms ‘a blessing’ for training her and helping her along with every step, quite literally.

As for any hiccups during the shoot, Yashma said that she was a tad upset about not getting to wear her chosen outfit.“The outfit that I wanted to wear was merging with the colours in the background so we ultimately had to choose something else last minute.”  However, she admitted that thiswas a minor inconvenience and the way that things tend to go in tinsel town.

When asked if she was worried because of the inevitable comparisons to Sohail Ali Abro and the song ‘Selfiyaan’ which was a huge hit song, she threw off such assumptions. She did say that she was stressed but for a very different reason.

“On the big screen every little detail is visible, so I am very stressed about how the song will be received, but I’m not here for competition.”

The song ‘Gali Gali’ is a mehndi number. Lyrics of song are penned by Sameer Rahat and it has been composed by Simaab Sen. The song features singers Ishita Chakravarty and Shahid Mallya.

Presented by Distribution Club, Geo Films, Excellency Films and YNH Films, “Wrong No. 2” is directed by Yasir Nawaz.

Yousuf Mehmood

Written by Yousuf Mehmood


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