Coronavirus Outbreak Cinemas In Pakistan Shut

Coronavirus Outbreak: Cinemas In Pakistan Shut, F9 Release Delayed World Wide And All That Followed

In the wake of the coronavirus, cinemas in Pakistan have been shut down for at least two weeks. Not only that, but marriage Hall’s have also been closed down and PSL matches will now be played without a crowd.

All over the world, the coronavirus has led to the postponement of films. The major films pushed back have been “Fast Furious 9”, which will now be released next year in 2021, Disney’s live-action remake of “Mulan”, “James Bond: No Time to Die”, which has been pushed to November, etc. This also means that if Cinemas in Pakistan reopen after two weeks and the local Eid releases like “TLMJ” , “Lafangey: Chapter 1” and  “Tich Button” release on time they will have their competition cut short in Pakistan because “Fast Furious 9” release is postponed till 2021. However, the international release of movies like “TLMJ” due to Corona virus consequences might be hindered.

In Pakistan, the finale of Ehd e Wafa, which was supposed to be shown in Cinemas on the 14th of March has also been canceled. Other films slated for release including Sakina Samo’s “Intezar” which was to hit theaters on 20th March, and a possible release of “Zindagi Tamasha” following its hopeful clearance by the Senate Committee, are all going to be delayed further.

Ehd e wafa grandfinale cancel

While this may be disappointing for many, it’s the best way to guarantee that the coronavirus will not spread. Any public gatherings and public entertainment options should be made scarce for the time being to control the spread.

Written by Yousuf Mehmood


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