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After ‘Janaan’, Reham Khan Announces Second Film ‘Cheema, Chattha And Bajwa’

Reham Khan announced a second feature film on the “Hafiz Ahmed Podcast” on the 20th of February 2024. The name of the film will be “Cheema, Chattha and Bajwa”

Few are aware that the hit 2016 film “Janaan” was actually produced by Reham Khan. Starring Armeena Rana Khan, Bilal Ashraf, Ali Rehman Khan, Hania Aamir and Ajab Gul, the film centered on the problem of child abuse, the film’s setting was the Swat Valley. That film had an impressive box office run of PKR 30 Cr (62.5 Cr adjusted for inflation).

However, “Cheema, Chattha and Bajwa” will be about Punjabis who have settled abroad in Canada and the UK, etc. Films about Punjabis living abroad have consistently been made for many years in the Indian Punjab.

In fact, Indian Punjabi films have been doing quite well at the Pakistani box office too. “Carry on Jatta 3” earned over PKR 30 Cr at the box office in 2023. That’s more than any Pakistani film made in 2023.

With “Cheema, Chattha and Bajwa”, Reham Khan is also claiming a writer’s credit. Her hope for this film is that just as the Indian Punjabi diaspora has made its culture known worldwide, so should the Pakistani Punjabi diaspora.

She further revealed that while the story has been more or less completed, the casting process is still ongoing as they’re searching for the “perfect Pakistani Punjabi hero” who is around 26-27 years of age.

There is no tentative release date as of yet, but “Cheema, Chattha and Bajwa” will most likely be an international release for Pakistani cinema.

Written by Yousuf Mehmood


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