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Ramadan Roundup 2024: Ramadan Special Shows Reach An All Time Low!

As Ramadan 2024 concludes, it’s time to list which Ramadan special shows impressed and which tested the patience of viewers. Surprisingly, the presence of A-list actors was highly missing, and the lineup was majorly headlined by B-list actors and newcomers. The results are quite shocking as ‘Chand Nagar’ was the only show that emerged victorious. Others turned out to be massive disappointments. Let’s Analyze.

Irrelevant Themes & No Brainer Plots

It’s high time that channels and writers should eliminate this term from their minds ‘Kuch Bhi Chalega’ (Anything will work). Viewers are mature and they will easily snub a mediocre product. The absence of a credible script have made prominent shows bite the dust. What’s the point of fueling bad scripts with lavish production values? Why not invest in a good script instead of paying the bloggers for glorious reviews?

For instance, the filmy theme in ‘Very Filmi’ was a big miss. Watching Dananeer performing Bollywood songs wasn’t relevant specifically in Ramadan. The premise of ‘Ishqaway’ felt like an amalgamation of several Bollywood films. Adding more to the horror were the caricature characters, glorifying Punjabi language and culture with oodles of overacting. Fresh from the success of ‘Kabli Pulao’, it was surprising to see Sabina Farooq wasting her talent in ‘Tere Mere Sapney’. How many times we have to witness the medieval theme of girl meets boy, fall in love and get married? Why is marriage the epicenter of every Ramadan show?

‘Chand Nagar’: The Complete Package 

There were ample factors that made ‘Chand Nagar’ stand out among the rest. To start with, the premise was based on Ramadan and the show throughout gave out the importance and blessings of the holy month in abundance. The show was headlined by a strong protagonist (Atiqa Odho) and the characters were smartly written and placed around her. Thankfully there weren’t any over-the-top dialogues and over-dramatic situations. The subtle writing and directions made it an easy breezy watch.

Do We Need Such Shows In the Future? 

Summing it up, the Ramadan special shows of 2024 have largely disappointed. This raises the question of whether we should settle for such mediocre content in the name of entertainment.  Will we experience the delightful aura of ‘Suno Chanda’ and ‘Chupke Chupke’ again?

Written by Ozair Majeed


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