“Aayi Aayi” is a Victory for Music, Culture, and Pakistan

After nearly 2 years of absence, Coke Studio is back with a bang. Season 15 kicked off on Sunday, 14th April with “Aayi Aayi”, a song that celebrates the culture and vibrance of Sindh.

At its center, “Aayi Aayi” is about the legend of Umar Marvi. Kidnapped by king Umar Soomro, who wished to make her his queen, Marvi defied him and was returned to her people, victorious.

However, in totality, the song is about so much more. It celebrates the culture of Sindh, it gives that culture a global platform, and of course, it speaks of the women of Sindh.

Sindh’s rich cultural heritage is full of stories of women doing great things. The stories of Mayi Kolachi, Sassi Punnhun, Momal Rano, Noori Jam Tamachi, and Umar Marvi show that Sindh has given birth to some amazing women.

Xulfi has continued his winning streak from Season 14 by imbuing Coke Studio with new life. He has a knack for finding talent from remote areas. Here, he brings together 4 artists:

Noman Ali Rajper: A singer-songwriter from Karachi who came up with the central theme of “Aayi Aayi”.

Babar Mangi: A rapper from Sukkur

Marvi and Saiban: Two singers from Umarkot

It’s a wonderful combination which has given rise to one of the best songs Coke Studio has ever produced.

Noman Ali Rajper’s original vision, Babar Mangi’s rap interlude, and Marvi and Saiban’s soulful vocals all come together to create magic.

Writing about it won’t do it justice. Head over to the Coke Studio’s YouTube channel and give it a listen at full volume.

Written by Yousuf Mehmood


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