Chhalawa and wrong no. 2 boxoffice

Extended Eid Weekend Mints 20 Crores with Chhalaawa and Wrong No. 2

Cinema halls came back to life immediately with the onset of Eid and due to the extended weekend have recorded great numbers at the local boxoffice.

Both Chhalaawa and Wrong No. 2 have taken in over 10 Cr, bringing the total to over 20 Cr. Coupled with the international releases, Aladdin, The Secret Life of Pets 2, and Godzilla, this has been a great Eid for the Pakistani Box Office.

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Wrong No. 2

Yasir Nawaz’s Wrong No. 2 has taken in 11.05 Cr in the extended Eid Weekend. Starting with 1.6 Cr on Day One, it blazed through the week with over 2 Cr everyday until Sunday, where it finished its Eid run with 1.81 Cr for a total of 11.05 Cr.


Wajahat Rauf’s Chhalaawa took in a total of 11.18 Cr at the Boxoffice. While it began with 1.5 Cr in day one and remained behind Wrong No. 2 for the majority of the week, it took away the Eid Boxoffice Crown by a whisker at the end. Recording a 2.1 Cr total on Sunday, the film ended its Eid run with 11.18 Cr.

Written by Yousuf Mehmood


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