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‘Baby Baji’ Strikes Emotional Chords with Latest Episodes, Leaving Viewers Shattered!

‘Baby Baji’ airing on ARY has caused a buzz amongst drama buffs, the show based on joint family households explores the different lives of the family and the way their relationships are interlinked to each other. A fresh take on saas-bahu sagas, ‘Baby Baji’ shows the daily struggles of families living in a joint family and due to its highly relatable content, the show has gained immense popularity and has earned top ratings in terms of TRP’s.

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Siddiqui Sahab’s Poignant Farewell Shatters Audiences

The latest few episodes have been a heart-wrenching watch and have shattered audiences to the core. The death of a beloved character, Siddiqui Sahab (Munawar Saeed) has left Baby Baji’s family distraught. With Azra’s ongoing black magic antics and wishing death upon her mother-in-law, Baby Baji, the sudden death of Siddiqui Sahab came as a shock to viewers. The importance of elders in a family has been beautifully portrayed through every episode, be it the relationship of elderly parents with their children, parents giving their children silent but powerful messages through their actions or simply giving them advice when they don’t think they need it, the stories of the four brothers with their parents has been portrayed in a skilful manner, keeping the audiences engaged at all times.

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Siddiqui Sahab played the strong father in ‘Baby Baji’, one who made all the final decisions but took everyone’s wishes under consideration. Scenes before the death of Siddiqui Sahab were beautifully executed and tugged at our heartstrings simultaneously. The soulful poetry during the final journey of the departed, will certainly be etched in our minds for the longest time.

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Applause Worthy Performances by the Cast

Veteran actor Munawar Saeed has won hearts with his final scenes in ‘Baby Baji’, every dialogue has left the viewers emotional, his portrayal leaves a lasting impact, touching the hearts of the audience and creating an unforgettable connection with his character. Munawar Saeed’s remarkable talent shines through, showcasing his ability to captivate and move viewers with his impeccable acting skills.

The legendary Samina Ahmed aka Baby Baji delivers a powerful performance in the drama. The rest of the cast has acted reasonably good as well, Javeria Saud as Azra is definitely the life of the show and is loved for her over the top frolics while

Sunita Marshal, portraying the level-headed Asma, brings depth and sincerity to her role, adding a balanced and relatable element to the show. The younger cast Faraz Hussain and Aina Asif as Waleed and Saman have been the surprise entrants who have impressed us with their versatile acting. The applause-worthy performances by the cast truly elevate the storytelling and make ‘Baby Baji’ a must-watch series.

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Baby Baji Topping the Charts with the Highest TRP’s

The daily soap airing at 7PM is ruling the slot and is a complete entertainment package showing all the ups and downs of family life. From light-hearted and joyful picnics to intense conflicts that threaten to tear the families apart, ‘Baby Baji’ captures all the essential elements that make for a compelling and engaging drama. It presents a perfect blend of entertainment and realism, resonating with viewers by depicting the complexities and dynamics of family dynamics in a relatable and thought-provoking manner.

What’s Next?

Will Baby Baji manage to save her family from parting ways? Will she be able to hold the family together or will Azra’s wish finally come true?  Find out in the next episode of Baby Baji only on ARY.

The serial is produced under the banner of iDreams Entertainment and is written by Mansoor Ahmed Khan and directed by Tehseen Khan.

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