Pardey Mein Rehnay Do

Wajahat Rauf closes camera on his next film starring Hania Amir and Ali Rehman Khan

Amidst the flurry of recent activity in tinsel town, the news is just out that Karachi Se Lahore director Wajahat Rauf has completed the principal photography of his upcoming film Pardey Mein Rehne Do. Rauf is known for completing his shoots quite efficiently — he has churned out three films over the last 5 years, in addition to helming and producing numerous television projects, so we were not exactly taken aback when we learnt about the development.

Although this time around, the Covid-19 crisis did predictably play a spoiler, it did not exactly throw a spanner in the works. “We started rolling the camera in March last year and completed about 16 days of work, and then took a break once the pandemic escalated. Since then, we have strictly adhered to the SOPs on the sets once the production resumed, and not one person from the cast or the crew of Pardey Mein Rehne Do was infected with the Coronavirus,” he says adding “I also shot (the currently on air HUM TV play) Raqs-e-Bismil during the same time and alhamdulilah we encountered no problems.” Besides the challenges associated with the pandemic, did Rauf feel any pressure given his successful filmmaking record? “I always say this – I feel more pressure during the marketing and promotion phase of a film, in addition to the uncertainty surrounding the box office once the release approaches. Shooting is usually the easier part for me.”

How does he reflect on the performance of his two leads, both of whom are known for their spontaneity on the screen? “I ensured a controlled performance from both Ali and Hania – there is going to be no overacting,” he says, emphasizing that PMR is not the usual Wajahat Rauf comedy or road trip film. “We have handled a social issue in the film, albeit in a lighthearted way, and the casting worked perfectly with the script, and I am pleased to say that none of the leads went overboard.”

In the ensuing months, the Chhallawa director is set to complete post-production work on the film as the industry awaits the opening of the exhibition sector. Rauf remains optimistic that theaters will return to normalcy by Eid, and we agree.

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Faisal Ali H

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