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Khel: Pakistan’s First Film For Teenagers Revolves Around Child Trafficking

Hollywood production houses like Disney producing content for teenagers has become prodigious over the years generating whopping business worldwide and have earned a stature for themselves. In Pakistan, however, not much attention has been given to producing content targeting this age bracket. However, the upcoming movie “Khel” aims to change that.

With teenagers at the center of the plot, “Khel” is set to become first Pakistani film with young protagonists. Produced by Riverview films, a nascent production house based in Islamabad, the teaser of the movie was dropped recently with its sequel already in works.

We at Pakistani Cinema got in touch with the team behind the film to dig more details. Talking about the genre of the film, Zill-i-Atif, the producer of “Khel” says, “It’s a story centering around a social issue, viz child trafficking with an important message. The film offers suspense, drama, adventure interlaced with songs, dance and comedy. Though aimed at youngsters, it warrants whole family viewership and will be equally enjoyable for all age groups”. He further added, “The film has been shot on diverse locations from Islamabad to Cholistan and will introduce many talented young faces”

Targeting a niche market in first film appears to be a risk. We asked him that why didn’t he opt for a more commerical subject to start with, to which he replied: “Both with “Khel” and its sequel “Khel 2″, we don’t consider our projects a risk but are proud of the fact that we are trailblazer in subject that has not been tackled before”.

About the challenges that they faced while making this film, he said, “The biggest problem for us was absence of young talent in this age group i.e, 13-18. We went for the search to advertising agencies, production houses and TV channels but that was of no use. So we had to carry out an incredible search, visiting schools, colleges, art councils etc. But we were happy to find some incredibly great actors in the end who have done a good job in the film”. He further said, “Being a new production company, we were viewed apprehensively wherever we went. Its difficult to find sponsors and exhibitors. The first thing we were asked was whether we have any big names in the cast”.

Cast of the film includes fresh crop of actors Introducing fresh talents like Manahil Malik, Alaiba Misri, Dua Ali, Sameel Atif, Hassaan Qaiser, Abdul Naafay and Abdul Raafay. The film is expected to release on 3rd June 2022 in cinemas. The sequel of the film, which is expected to release the same year, boasts a strong cast that includes Salim Mairaj, Ajab Gul and Qaiser Piya.

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