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‘Mannat Murad’ (Review): Talha Chahour And Irsa Ghazal Steal The Show

The initial teasers of 7th Sky Entertainment’s brand new endeavor ‘Mannat Murad’ attracted viewers for various reasons. Firstly the project marks the comeback of stunning actress Iqra Aziz. Secondly, this is Talha Chahour’s first outing as a solo hero. Thirdly, the drama is helmed by ‘Khuda Aur Mohabbat’ fame director Syed Wajahat Hussain. Moreover, it is backed up by a solid supporting cast. And of course, the vibrant colors, pristine settings, and high production value embellished with 7th Sky Entertainment’s signature style are ample reasons to watch ‘Mannat Murad’.

The drama serial is written by Nadia Akhtar and boasts a stellar cast that includes Irsa Ghazal, Ali Safina, Rabya Kulsoom, Uzma Hassan, Mizna Waqas, Sachal Afzal, Sana Nadir and Rehma Zaman amongst others. Here’s what we at Pakistani Cinema think about ‘Mannat Murad’ so far.

‘Mannat Murad’: The Story So Far

Murad (Talha Chahour) hails from a middle class conservative family. He’s a caring brother to four sisters and and obedient son to his mother Razia (Irsa Ghazal). After his father’s death, Razia didn’t re-marry and raised her children independently. She didn’t let her elder daughter marry the man of her choice. She isn’t happy with her daughter who married without her approval. She is happy to please her bara dammad who does nothing for a livelihood and eyes Murad’s income. Razia’s conservative mentality has made her highly insecure. Since Murad is the only breadwinner of the house, she fears that what if he refuses to fulfill his duties after marriage.

Mannat (Iqra Aziz) is an educated, young and ambitious graduate who works as an intern. She goes all out in exposing a sick HR guy who calls her late at night to harasses her. Murad sees a glimpse of Mannat in the elevator. The latter mistakenly drops her earrings, that is picked up by the former. Murad looks for her every day and eventually falls for her.

Talha Chahour Steals The Show 

Talha Chahour shines big time and is sure to benefit from this full-fledged commercial project. He stands out and delivers a range of emotions. For instance, the scene where Murad feels annoyed by the constant scrutiny of her mother and hides Mannat’s earrings from her. His comic timing and helplessness is spot on. In another scene where Murad sees Mannat for the first time and follows her all the way is a testimony of his brilliant acting chops. Talha has always been a fine actor and finally gets his due. With ‘Mannat Murad’, we hope, he’s surely going to be talked about a lot.

Irsa Ghazal Is The Next Best In Line

Irsa Ghazal as the overprotective mother, surprises viewers with a bravura performance. Her role is crucial to the plot, her dialogue delivery, postures and gestures come across as refreshing. She nails every scene, be it calling Murad during office hours, checking her closet, and forcefully taking a promise to care about the family after marriage. Her unique act takes ‘Mannat Murad’ to dizzying heights.

Wait….There’s More

The story of ‘Mannat Murad’ is rooted and relatable. The director seems to be in no rush, he takes his time in introducing his characters. He complements the script well, keeping the proceedings smooth yet crisp. Brownie points to the writer for infusing important messaging in the narrative like workplace harassment and stigma related to mental health disorders. We didn’t get much of Iqra Aziz, but she looked stunning and did a good job.

We Are Excited To Watch More

‘Mannat Murad’ opens well and offers an engaging premise to draw viewership. The drama serial is an interesting mix of entertainment, human emotions and family values. The first episode, so far, has managed to entertain thoroughly. We hope to see lots of fireworks ahead

Written by Ozair Majeed


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